Found Money

I’m a big fan of capturing small amounts of money and putting them to work doing big things.

I stumbled onto this method while we were aggressively paying off debt. Since that time I’ve used variations of the same method to help pay for college, buy a used car with cash, and fund a business savings account.

The simple explanation of the found money method is this:

1. Identify sources of money, no matter how small.

2. Give them a job to do.

This post explains how I set up individual savings accounts for different savings goals.

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  1. we collect pop cans and we give plastic bags to our neighbors and once a month we come over to their places and take their cans, then when we have a p/up truck full we take it to our local place where they weigh them and give us cash. I don’t use dryer sheets anymore, they hurt my nose as I am older and I found that the black mold in the basement was coming upstairs through the air ducts and scarred over my left lung, so I use oxygen sometimes now, and am really sensitive to certain chemical smells, and it cuts down buying things that might hurt my nose, floor cleaners, stuff like that, vinegar cleans a lot of things. only use coupons when you eat fast food, buy if need be a container to put the fast food coupons in. recycle x-mas wrapping paper. use coupons for haircuts. keep the sabbath day holy if christian, rest, write letters and write in journal and teach kids how importatn it is to write in a journal. always shop at thrift stores, where I live in we have a ton of them, even if you have to go to the next county buy things especially clothes at thrift store. get rid of old stuff on craistg list. find a beading tutorial class on youtube, and learn how to reuse old jewelry so you don’t have to buy new jewelry. look up on internet for Michaels craft store and they teach crafts right on their site, give as presents, there’s a ton of ideas. if you need a new dress for a special occasion, find a local seastress, get the fabric on sale, find a pattern and have it fitted, you could save a lot of money instead of buying something for $200. learn about essential oils and use lemon or pepperpint under the nose to wake you and use lavendar in the kids bath, to help them be calm and ready for bed, don’t apply directly to their skin without a carrie oil. do not use knock off oils, Do-terra, Young Oils are 2 I count on. Change your dust filter in the winter 3 times, read about toxic inside air quality, so you can keep everyone healthier, thus save time from work and school and save money for docs and medicines. thanks

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