Dave Ramsey Explains the Debt Snowball

Paying Off Debt

Dave Ramsey has a set of seven baby steps that are part of his Total Money Makeover. But, let’s face it, Dave is mainly known for helping people to get out of debt. And all of that takes place in Baby Step Two: The Debt Snowball. The debt snowball involves ordering your debts from smallest […]

August 30, 2011

How to Find the Money to Pay Off Your Debt

Found Money, Paying Off Debt

Spring is starting to bust out here, but I’m still thinking about snowflakes. As in debt snowflakes. After a brief pause for an all-cash Christmas and some much needed all-cash home improvements, we are again focused on paying off all non-mortgage debt as quickly as possible. Debt snowflaking is the most successful method I’ve used […]

March 3, 2011