How to Find the Money to Pay Off Your Debt

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Spring is starting to bust out here, but I’m still thinking about snowflakes. As in debt snowflakes. After a brief pause for an all-cash Christmas and some much needed all-cash home improvements, we are again focused on paying off all non-mortgage debt as quickly as possible. Debt snowflaking is the most successful method I’ve used […]

March 3, 2011

Making Money on Amazon and Craigslist

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I was so inspired by the story about paying off debt by selling on eBay that I decided to list a few things of my own. I had some books to sell, so I listed them on Amazon. So far I’ve netted about $80 selling five books and one game on Amazon. I also sold […]

November 29, 2009

Upromise = Completely Passive Income

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The last time I wrote about Upromise was to tell you how I requested a check from them. Upromise is promoted as a way to save for college, but in reality, the money that accrues in your account can be used for any purchase you want. Upromise has made it much easier to withdraw money […]

September 29, 2009

Mr. Rebates Review and $5.00 Signup Bonus

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2012 Update: The new customer bonus is still $5 and it is still free to sign up. I am still a happy, faithful user of Mr. Rebates and have been since 2006. Two years ago I signed up for Mr. Rebates, a site that gives you cash back for your online shopping. I bought a couple of […]

July 16, 2008