$6309 in Found Money

Found Money

Every now and then I like to total up our Found Money. The last report I did was on May 1 of 2018 so this covers the fifteen months since then. First, a couple of notes: If you’re new to Found Money or these reports, you can read more about them here. It’s important to give Found […]

July 31, 2019

One Year of Found Money: $4297.37

Found Money

Would you like to know what one year of Found Money looks like? It’s been a year since I wrote a report like this and I’ll admit I was curious, so I pulled out the calculator and did some totaling. First, a couple of notes: If you’re new to Found Money or these reports, you […]

May 1, 2018

Found Money Report for April

Found Money

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope this post finds you relaxing with family and friends. This is one of my regular Found Money Reports, this time covering the month of April, 2017. You can find more info on what Found Money is and how I use it here. The job we’ve given our Found Money […]

May 27, 2017

Found Money Report for March 2017: $1998

Found Money

One of the most powerful strategies I’ve run across as a Family CEO is using found money to pay of debt and build savings. You can read about it here. I write these reports to let you know where we’ve found money, hopefully to inspire you to do the same. Here’s where we found money […]

April 3, 2017

Found Money Update: Jan – Mar 2015

Found Money

It’s time for another Found Money Update, and I’m making a change in the way I’m reporting things. Specifically, I’ll no longer be including my income from bookkeeping and blogging. Here’s why: I’ve had a couple of readers tell me that they don’t view those things as found money, and I can see their point. I’ve […]

April 3, 2015

Found Money: a 2 Year Update = $43,082

Found Money

I’m a big believer in little amounts of money. Two years ago, in July of 2012, I wrote about the $318 in proceeds from my garage sale and what I was doing with them. I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the first of what would become regular found money update posts. Since […]

July 7, 2014