Found Money Report for April

Found Money / Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope this post finds you relaxing with family and friends.

This is one of my regular Found Money Reports, this time covering the month of April, 2017.

You can find more info on what Found Money is and how I use it here. The job we’ve given our Found Money to do for the time being is to increase our savings. (Previous jobs included paying off debt and helping pay for our kids’ college expenses.)

Here’s where we found money in April:

$170.79 Mr. Rebates

I get a payment every month from Mr. Rebates, even when I haven’t done any shopping through them. That’s because of Mr. Rebates’ incredible referral program, where each time your referral gets cash back, you get a bonus equal to 20% of their rebate.

Over the years, I’ve referred a lot of people to Mr. Rebates (it’s an easy sell: getting cash back for online shopping they’re already doing), so each month I earn a number of these 20% referral bonuses. (Note: If you sign up for Mr. Rebates using the links above, you’ll be one of my referrals. You can use the site to get cash back for a lot of your online shopping, plus be able to refer others to the site too.)

While most of my Mr. Rebates payments consist of these bonuses, I do still go through Mr. Rebates for cash back on my online shopping. Like the 5% cash back on this year’s mom swimsuit I’m getting ready to order from Lands’ End. :)

$15.21 Blog Income

Occasionally I earn a little money through this blog. This amount was from Amazon’s affiliate program.

$52.55 Work Expense Reimbursement

Last July I took a part-time job doing marketing and development for a local private school. When I have expenses associated with that work, I submit them for reimbursement. This reimbursement was like many that we receive, in that I had already absorbed the original expense, so when the reimbursement came through so I was able to treat it as Found Money.

Total for April = $238.55 

April wasn’t a huge Found Money month, but it has a way of continuing to come in, even if it’s just a trickle.

Here’s where we are with Found Money year-to-date:

Total Found Money Year-to-Date $2423.46

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (probably next month!): the Found Money strategy just continues to work for us. We save money in many other ways, but Found Money is like the income stream you didn’t know you had.

Are you capturing the Found Money in your life? Comment below or email me and let me know how it’s working for you!

6 Replies to “Found Money Report for April”

  1. Back when I was making just enough to get by, if I worked a substantial chunk on overtime I used to earmark that money to buy something big and permanent. One of the things I bought was a microwave and 30 years later we are still using it.

    I like to play with investments so if I make money from my blog, I use it for that so if I lose money it isn’t family money but the proceeds of my hobby.

    1. “I like to play with investments.” LOVE that, RAnn. And love your strategy for using blog earnings for that too. That is some microwave.

  2. Good on you for making extra $$$’s! I’ve played with investments too, but I think the best thing to do is stick with well diversified index investing. I know too many people who have taken huge hits because they picked the wrong company or the right one at the wrong time. I currently try to stick with 95% of my retirement fund invested in passive Vanguard index funds. The remaining 5% I try to gain a bit of alpha by picking some mid/small caps that I think could outpace the market.

    Love the idea of the family CEO! My wife doesn’t work, but she buys everything for the house so she actually has a way bigger impact on our spending than me. I’ll have to let her know she’s the CEO too!


    1. Buck, your wife is definitely a family CEO. And I agree with you about index investing. By far the biggest part of our investments are in Vanguard Target Retirement funds. What I was referring to – and I think RAnn was too – when talking about playing with investments, it’s a little bit of money to use as investing fun money. Like your 5% in small/mid cap picks. For me it’s a little dividend portfolio.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I’ve been tracking my found money for awhile now. I love this concept. My current goal is to give my found money purpose. As always, thanks for sharing. You always give me great ideas!!!

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