7 Simple Things You Can Do This Week to Improve Your Finances

Managing Money / Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

This post started out as things you could do today to improve your finances. And you could do all of these things today, so if you’re a real go-getter, have at it.

But when the number of items turned out to be seven, it seemed like a no brainer to make these things you could do this week to improve your finances.

One simple item for each day. Anyone can do them. How different will your finances look a week from now?

1. Bank your gas savings by figuring out how much you’re saving at the pump when you fill up with these low gas prices and then transfer that amount into your savings account. With online banking apps, you can even do that while you’re standing at the pump.

2. Find something in your home to sell online. Craigslist is good for furniture and other large items, eBay works well for small, easy-to-ship items, especially name brands and collectibles. Here’s an idea if you don’t know what to sell: I netted a quick $40 last week by selling four unused print cartridges from a printer we no longer have. I also sell empty print cartridges on eBay.

3. Gather up a bag of unwanted clothing or household items and drop them off at your favorite charity. Document the items for a tax deduction. See my method here.

4. Cancel an unused subscription or membership. That magazine you never get around to reading. That unused gym membership.

5. Call your cable company and ask them how you can save on your bill. I know, I hate those phone calls too. But you’ll be glad you did it.

6. Open an online savings account and schedule an automatic transfer into it monthly. The amount of your transfer is less important than the act of scheduling it. I use Capital One 360 (affiliate link) as my online savings bank. See more about how I use it here.

7. Check MissingMoney.com to see if you’re owed anything. We were!

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  1. All great ideas! You inspired me to take that old living room set that no one is using downstairs and donate it to Goodwill tomorrow night! Tax write off!!

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