Found Money Update July – December or How the Kansas City Royals Added to Our Emergency Fund

Found Money / Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Last October the Kansas City Royals went on a magical ride that started with the American League Wild Card Game (the most exciting game of any kind I’ve ever seen in person) and ended in game 7 of the World Series. The entire city was in a collective good mood and talked of nothing else for the entire month. We were no exception.

We were lucky enough have a friend who is a season ticket holder offer us tickets to the Wild Card Game and the home games for the subsequent series with Anaheim Angels. We paid for the Angels series up front but, because the Royals swept the Angels (woo hoo!) we didn’t need the last home game and were reimbursed for that amount. (How awesome to have your team playing in the division series, actually have  tickets for all the home game and then get money back when they sweep the series.)

The money for that last game had been long forgotten when we got the reimbursement check from our friends in the mail so, as is my habit with reimbursements like these, I treated the money as found money and put it into our savings account instead of our checking account. So that’s how the Kansas City Royals ended up padded our emergency fund to the tune of $162 last year.

Scoreboard after Kansas City Royals Win

Of course that money didn’t really come from the Royals; it was money we had already spent coming back to us. But the little trick of setting aside amounts like these has helped us first pay off debt and then build up our savings over the last few years. And it keeps things fun too.

We also had another weird source of found money: a $29 check from a class action suit related to one of our cars. That also went into the emergency fund. You really never know where found money is going to come from.

Here is the entire found money update for the second half of 2014.

July – December 2014 Found Money Update:

Where it came from:

For a total of $8865

Where it went:

  • Reimbursements, gifts and that class action check went into our emergency fund.
  • Blogging and bookkeeping income went into college savings.
  • Business found money went into a savings account earmarked specifically for business.

Do you have any little tricks or strategies that help you save?

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  1. I never really thought of considering my side gig as “found money.” But I think this strategy of having found money beefs up savings and helps in achieving certain savings goals like emergency funds or travel funds. This is a great post!

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