Back to School Shopping: The College Edition

Paying for College / Friday, August 1st, 2014

Reason #458 why boys are different to raise than girls:

Me: Do you want this laundry bag of Lindsey’s? We bought it for her when she went to college.

Grant: Why do I need a laundry bag?

Me: To carry your clothes back and forth when you do laundry at school.

Grant: I figured I’d just use a trash bag or something.

This week I finally got Grant to go shopping for some college supplies.

Shopping with a 19 year old boy isn’t too different than shopping with a toddler.

It involved trying on hats.


And using the blood pressure machine at Walmart.


Keeping him focused was an issue. (I promise you guys he is college material.)

This is our family’s second go-round on shopping for college and I would sum up what I’ve learned this way:

1. Err on the side of less. Let them live at school for a while and figure out what they need.

2. Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons. Save them all (they accept expired coupons) and let the cashier help you figure out the best ones to use.

And if your kids are younger than college aged?

I love the idea of avoiding the crowds by shopping online. Here’s a post I wrote last year about how to do that, get free shipping, and even a little cash back.

Hope you enjoy this first weekend of August.

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