Using Craigslist to Save Money on Patio Removal

Managing Money / Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

We’re getting ready to have a new patio put in.

Our old patio, made of pavers, was a bit small and was also settling and sloping and just generally needed to be replaced.

Here are a couple of pics of our patio before.

Patio Demo Before

Patio Before

Part of the process of replacing a patio is, of course, removal of the old patio, which I just assumed we’d have the contractor do.

He’s willing to do it, of course; it’s built into our bid. But he suggested that we could save a little money by offering to give the pavers to anyone who was willing to come and demo them and haul them off.

Great idea! Essentially we’d be getting free labor in exchange for the pavers.

Actually, I’ve written before about saving yourself the cost of disposing of something old and unwanted by offering it for free on Craigslist. In that case it was an old water heater and we saved ourselves a $35 large item pickup fee from our trash service.

But we needed our contractor to remind us what a good deal the ‘free’ section of Craigslist can be.

I put the ad up on Sunday. I included the pictures you see here and the following explanation:

We are getting rid of an old patio and are offering approximately 275 sq. feet of pavers free to anyone who wants to come do the demo and haul them away.

Right away had several offers, so I took the ad down, gave our address to the one who could come the soonest and sent emails to the rest saying that the pavers were spoken for, but I’d let them know if anything fell through.

By Tuesday evening most of the pavers were gone (the contractor is still going to have to demo the steps).

I emailed these pics of the area that was once our patio to our contractor, so he could adjust the cost of demo in our bid. And bonus: the pavers are being used to build a new patio so they’ll stay out of the landfill.


Patio Demo After

Have you used Craigslist to unload unwanted stuff?

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  1. I just love that free section of craigslist. I always thought a show could be created about decorating a room for free from this area of craigslist! Thanks for reminding me about it again too.

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