Selling Online to Get Ready for the Holidays

Simplifying / Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

We’re entering what amounts to the busiest time of the year for most people. The holidays bring lots of time commitments in the form of shopping, decorating, cooking, baking, attending social events, and maybe even hosting parties and get togethers as well.

So why would anyone want to add to all those stressors by adding something additional? Something that could reasonably wait until the new year? Something like selling your unwanted stuff online?

Well, there are two reasons actually:

1. To declutter the house before the holidays arrive.
2. To earn some money that can be put toward holiday expenses.

Decluttering the house

Getting rid of excess clothes, toys, household items, even holiday decorations, will free up valuable space in your home. If you’re entertaining for the holidays, it will go a long way toward improving the appearance of your home and making it easier to clean as well.

But even if you’re not playing host, during the holidays lots of new things tend to find their way into our homes, often in the form of presents and decorations. By taking a little time to declutter first, you’ll make room for all the new additions.

Earning money for the holidays

But the holidays aren’t only a drain on our time, they can empty our wallets as well. Extra money is almost always appreciated around holiday time.

Online selling sites can be your best friend where this is concerned. One year I was able to finance much of Christmas just by selling the pieces of a collectible Christmas village I no longer wanted online. I also spent a weekend selling on Craigslist that resulted in an extra $200. Opening your closets and drawers, or cleaning out your garage could unearth a few finds for you too. If you happen across a few higher dollar things, you could be money ahead with extra room on your hands by the time the new year rolls around.

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