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About the Blog / Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

It’s been kind of quiet here on The Family CEO for the last few months.

There are several reasons for that, but one big reason is that I’ve been busy working on a new blog that I want to introduce you to today: Creating This Life.

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A Little Background

I’ve loved writing about family finances here at The Family CEO (since 2006!) and I plan to continue (more on that in a minute).

But I’ve long wanted a place where I could explore the more creative side of life.

In addition to the work I do bookkeeping and managing our family’s finances (and blogging about it), I spend a lot of time doing “making a life” type things: decorating our home, entertaining, trying to get things to grow, and exploring new places (sometimes far away and sometimes right here in Kansas City).

I have in the past included those topics at The Family CEO, and for a while thought I would continue to do that.

But ultimately I think that both topics will be better served with their own, dedicated spaces.

What is Creating This Life About?

I will soon be an empty nester, and this stage in my life has meant a couple of things:

I have more time to explore some of the things I’m most passionate about.

My husband and I are spending a lot of time talking and dreaming about what we want this next stage of our life to look like.

Those are the inspirations behind Creating This Life.

The broad subject areas are:

  • House and Home
  • Food and Entertaining
  • Travel and Kansas City

But this is a blog about a journey, so Creating This Life may eventually be about more than that.

I’m excited to see where it goes.

When you visit Creating This Life, you might see some familiar posts. That’s because I’ve recreated some of the lifestyle posts from this blog over there.

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You’ll find posts on our kitchen remodel before and after, the framed memo board and chalkboard projects, and that amazing Oregon garden in pictures.

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But you’ll find completely new posts as well, like an end of summer table setting and a tour of Mary Carol Garrity’s historic home (you really should check out the house – it’s amazing.)

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There’s also a lighthearted post about why I’m breaking up with beverage dispensers (it’s been a dysfunctional relationship; it was time.).

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What Does This Mean for The Family CEO?

The Family CEO will continue on and I’ll be adding more posts in the future.

You can count on regular updates on the topics that have proven to be the most popular: paying for college and Found Money. (In fact, tomorrow on the blog we’ll be hearing from a very special guest poster about how to earn college scholarships.)

But I have a feeling that narrowing the focus of The Family CEO will create some new energy here too, so again, I’m eager to see where it will go.

How to Stay Connected

I value each and every Family CEO reader and I am so grateful that you’ve taken the time to connect with this blog. I hope if the Creating This Life topics are of interest to you, you’ll be a reader over there as well.

Here are several ways to connect with each blog.

You can get future posts via email for free:

Each blog has its own Facebook pages:

  • Like The Family CEO on Facebook here.
  • Like Creating This Life on Facebook here.

I will continue to have one Twitter account (here) and one Pinterest account (here). (I maintain a lot of different Pinterest boards so you can follow just the ones that interest you.)

On each blog there is a button where you can subscribe via RSS if you use a feed reader. You can also contact me via the email button on each blog.

And comments are encouraged and very welcome on both blogs. 

Whatever topics you’re interested in, and whatever your preferred way to follow, I hope to continue to see you at The Family CEO and now at Creating This Life too.

All my best,


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  1. Wow, Julie I love your new site! Lately I’ve been indulging in more creativity and trying to mix that in with what I already do. So I can relate to wanting to start a new creative project like this. Very cool! I can’t wait to read more on your site and see all the awesome home decor ideas.

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