Weekend Reading: New York Edition

The Rest / Friday, August 16th, 2013

After our Today Show segment this week, Lindsey and I spent a couple of days exploring New York. We did most of the major touristy stuff back in 2006, so we decided to take in some different sites this time around.

Our first stop was the New York Public Library, which would have been on my bucket list if I had one. I don’t, because a bucket list feel like giant, overwhelming to-do list to me. But if I had one, the NY Library would have been at the top, so I mentally checked it off anyway.

Library 1I LOVE the lions. I considered buying some lion bookends as souvenirs, but they were heavy, and I’ve learned my lesson about traveling with heavy items.

I also really love how the large front windows look out onto the busy New York streets from inside the library.

Library 2And don’t let anyone tell you that libraries are dying. This place was hopping!


We also took a Manhattan dinner cruise which was a-maz-ing.

dinner cruise 1

It was completely relaxing and the views from the water couldn’t be beat. The building second from the right in the picture below is the new Freedom Tower.

cruise 2

We sailed under the Brooklyn Bridge twice.


And they played Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful as we sailed around the Statue of Liberty. (That sounds cheesy to me as I write it, but it was goosebumps kind of stuff.) I can’t imagine going to NY again and not taking another cruise.


On our last day, we visited the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMA. It was packed, but we got to see Warhol.

WarholAnd Monet.


And Vincent.


I was surprised at how much seeing Starry, Starry Night moved me. It was beautiful and I’m sorry that these pics from inside the museum don’t do it justice.

But despite all this excitement, this homebody is never happier then when I’m sleeping in my own bed. And I’m looking forward to hanging out and enjoying the fall-like weather in KC this weekend.

If you’ve got some free time in your weekend, here is some interesting reading I’ve run across in my internet travels:

  • College Confessions: How College Students Save @ KrantCents. KC has interviewed 4 different students about where they go to school, what it’s costing them, how they’re paying for it, and how they save. First hand accounts like this one are always so interesting.

How are you spending the weekend? Do you have a favorite place to visit in NY? And how do you feel about bucket lists?

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  1. Since I grew up in New York, I am very familiar with these sights. It almost makes me home sick! I still like living in Los Angeles, but miss the NY food. Thanks for the links, I am in good company.

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