Capital One 360 Bonus: Get a $25 – $100

Found Money / Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Recently I shared with you how I used multiple savings accounts at Capital One 360 for different savings goals but I wanted to share with you some info about getting a Capital One 360 bonus when you open a new account. (Full disclosure: I also receive a referral bonus for everyone I refer.)

The bonuses range from $25-$100, depending on which kind of account you open.

A few things to know:

  • In order to get the bonus, you need to be referred by a current customer (like me!) so be sure to use one of the links in this post instead of going directly to the Capital One site.
  • You have to be a new customer of Capital One banking. You cannot have had a Capital One checking or savings account since 2008.
  • The account new account bonus varies from $25 to $100 depending on which account you are opening and how much you are opening it with. Generally speaking, if you open an account with $250 you will receive the $25 bonus, but if you open the Money Market Account with $10,000 or more, you will receive a $100 bonus.
  • The bonus will be automatically deposited to your account, but cannot be withdrawn for 30 days.

Check out all the details here.

Capital One Savings and Money Market Accounts for Found Money

Opening a savings account like this for found money is a perfect fit, because the bonus becomes a source of found money itself.

Then you can begin looking for bits of found money to direct to the savings account.

Receive a Capital One 360 Bonus for Additional Accounts

Also, I believe (although I’m not 100% positive) that once your initial account is open you can open accounts for your other family members (kids, spouse, etc.) using the Refer a Friend tab and your family members will receive the new account bonus and you’ll receive a referral bonus as well.

Capital One 360 Refer a Friend

Just make sure you’re following the requirements listed in the bullet points above and that you’re using the refer a friend section of the account page.

One point to consider: if you open an account for your spouse hoping to get the bonuses, he or she would need to be both a new customer and primary owner of his or her savings account. That means he/she can’t be on the account you initially opened.

I did all of this when I opened our original ING accounts several years ago and we received all the bonuses. I’m not certain that it still works the same way, but it’s easy enough to try out since it’s so easy to open new Capital One 360 accounts once your initial account is established.

Click here to go to Capital One and see the details for these accounts, as well as the Capital One 360 bonus qualifications.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Happy saving!

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