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Simple Winter Decorating Ideas

January 25, 2013

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I kind of love winter.

Living in Kansas, we get to completely experience all four seasons. And while some view winter as just a season to get through, I enjoy it.

I much prefer cold temps to the blazing ones of summer.

snow day

And I’m a nester. I love snowy days with soup on the stove and a good movie (or college basketball) on TV.

My husband says I like winter because I don’t have to go out in it every day.

My son says it’s because I’m not the one doing this:


They’ve got a point.

But while they’re busy with all that stuff, I’m inside looking for easy ways to decorate for winter.

The look I love is the combination of something bare and rustic with something pretty or glitzy.

Others must like that combo too, because this centerpiece that I shared last year on the blog has been pinned on Pinterest a crazy number of times.

twigs water candles

Pinterest is the second biggest source of traffic to The Family CEO (Google is the first) and this post is the biggest reason why. It’s easily the most pinned picture from the blog. It’s kind of crazy because the idea is so, so simple, but I think that’s the appeal. (Full disclosure: This picture is mine, but the original idea wasn’t. I found it on Pinterest too, where it had been pinned from this site.)

All you need are clear glass vases (mine are like these), some twigs, water, and floating candles.

I don’t think directions are even necessary. What you see in the pic is all there is to it.

If there’s anything even a tiny bit complicated at all it would be this: Some of comments on the original post mention that people had trouble with the twigs floating. I didn’t have that problem, but if you do, look for twigs that are wider than the vase. That way when you push them down into the vase, the sides should help hold them in place. The candle on top helps too.

Another super simple winter decoration involves taking a silver tray or dish and filling it with decorative balls, pinecones, and sprigs of evergreen from the yard.

winter centerpiece

Again, this is a combination of rustic (balls, pinecones, and evergreens) with pretty (glitter on the balls and pinecones, the silver tray). This year I added some battery operated LED lights, but I’ve used this plenty of time without the lights.

It’s pretty either way.

Finally, way back this summer I spotted a large, clear snowflake ornament at an estate sale for a dollar, and I knew immediately that I wanted to use it in a wreath.

winter wreath

I bought a pre-made twig wreath and some snowy branch stems at the craft store and put them together with the snowflake. The whole thing took about twenty minutes. Nothing’s even glued. The stems are tucked in and the ornament is hanging from the same wreath hanger that the wreath is.

It makes me happy because it’s the rustic/pretty combo once again.

Do you like decorating for the seasons? Do you have a favorite season?

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  1. Your post definitely pushed me from thinking about it – to doing something with my office space. I’ve been meaning to give my home office a makeover. It’s been getting a little stale and I think it’s been stifling my thought process lol. So my plan is to simplify and add a little rustic flavor :)

  2. So glad I had a chance to click over and see the other decorations. I love the candles in the glasses. What a fabulous idea, and I can see why people are pinning them! I like the sticks better than the fruit I’ve seen included in others. The sticks would probably last longer.

    I just started a frugal linky about 2 weeks ago if you ever wanted to link up. It’s called Fabulously Frugal Thursday.

  3. I can see why your candle photo is pinned so often, very pretty. I love to borrow decorations from nature too. I’ve seen balls & decorated pinecones like those at Pottery Barn for a ridiculous amount of money. Thanks for sharing these simple decorations to help celebrate winter, I love this season too for many of the same reasons you do :).

  4. I love the simple elegance of the candles!

    I don’t mind cold weather so much, but when it keeps me indoors, I start feeling gloomy. I hope to take up cross-country skiing so that I can get fresh air and exercise during the long winters up here in Canada. This is our first year to experience such an extended cold season.

    1. I understand the homebound thing, Julia. Cross-country skiing would be such good exercise and I’ll bet the winter landscape in Canada is breathtaking.

    1. A 2 yr old and 9 mo old are about as busy as it gets, Jules. The good news is these are so simple…they’re hardly crafts at all. Enjoy your time with your little ones.

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