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3 Easy Steps to Saving the Most with Your Online Christmas Shopping

November 26, 2012

Do you like the brave the crowds when Christmas shopping? Or are you like me and prefer to shop online in your PJs and have those boxes show up at your door?

If you’re in the latter group, here is a simple, 3 step process for maximizing your savings.

Step 1:  Start with a sale. One of my favorite parts of shopping online is how easy it is to comparison shop. And the more detailed the item you’re shopping for, the easier it is to find the rock bottom price. So it’s rare when I buy something at holiday time that’s not on sale. This is the first layer of savings.

Step 2: Add in a cash back rebate site. If you’re shopping online, you can often add 1% – 30% to your savings by using a cash back site. Once you’ve found an item to buy, go to the cash back site of your choice (Mr. Rebates is my favorite – I’ve used them since 2006) and then click through to the store site where you found the item to buy. Then just check out as usual, knowing that that one extra click is earning you cash back. Most rebate sites are free to use and will even pay you a signup bonus. For instance, the Mr. Rebates signup bonus is $5.

Step 3: Make money with the way you pay. If you have a rewards credit or debit card, it can provide the last layer of savings for your online Christmas shopping. I will be doing a lot of my Christmas shopping with my Target Red Card and my PerkStreet cash back debit card. That means I’ll be getting up to 5% savings on everything I buy. And when the PerkStreet rewards roll in in the new year, I can use them as found money. Just remember, people who shop with plastic tend to spend more, so use a list and avoid impulse purchases (which I tend to make fewer of online anyway).

Have you started your shopping yet? Have any savings tips to share?

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  1. You just saved me from spending too much this Christmas! I haven’t tried online shopping during Christmas, but I will now since I found out about Mr. Rebates. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I finally signed up for two rebates sites. I am searching for some kind of deal on movie theater tickets, and I thought rebate sites would be great. Mr. Rebates doesn’t have AMC tix :( but I’ll find a deal sometime!

    1. Christa, I just did a quick check of all the rebate sites I’m aware of and didn’t find AMC listed at any of the. Bummer. If I run across anything, I’ll let you know.

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