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Tortilla Pans: As Seen on TV…and In My Kitchen

October 15, 2012

Update: I’ve since decluttered these. Apparently my need for a decluttered kitchen is greater than my need for healthy tortilla bowls. Also, beware the kitchen gadget that only does one thing.

A year ago last August I posted this on my Facebook page:

And they said it wouldn’t last. Tom and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary today. Marrying him = best decision I ever made.

My sister replied:

You said buying your Ped Egg was the best decision you ever made!

Ha! I do love my Ped Egg, and I think I may have found another ‘As Seen on TV’ product that I like just as much: the Perfect Tortilla Pan Set.

I’m a little embarrassed that I took this pic with my Ina Garten cookbook in the background. I hope she’s not reading the blog this week.

I remember being strangely mesmerized by the Perfect Tortilla commercial when I first saw it. But when my Weight Watchers leader, Ann (Best WW leader ever. You can read her blog here: Hungry Poodle.), started raving about these pans, I knew I had to have them.

$10.99 later I had them in my hands.

These tortilla pans use no oil (not even a non-stick spray), which makes them much healthier than traditional, deep-fried bowls and they bake up in 5-7 minutes. Genius!

I made four bowls: two from white flour tortillas and two from whole wheat. The white tortillas were burrito size and the whole wheat were smaller.

Both sizes of tortillas conformed easily to the shape of the pans.

They all turned out great. I put turkey chili in them and it easily passed the 17 year-old boy test. He found me while I was writing this post and gave me his four word review: “Those tortilla bowls? Awesome.”

The tortilla bowls held the chili without leaking and were yummy to eat when the chili was almost gone.

Despite my desire to keep my kitchen simple, these are a keeper for me. Luckily, they stack up very snuggly so they won’t take up much room.

If you’re interested in trying them, I found them at Walgreens. I’ve heard that they’re available at other stores that carry ‘As Seen on TV’ products. Or you can pick them up from Amazon.

Do you love a good tortilla bowl? Do you have any ‘As Seen on TV’ products that you like? 

P.S. Sorry for the shadowy pictures. We had a dark, stormy day in KC on Saturday.

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  1. Your tortilla bowls sound way better than those the restaurants make – I usually ask that a taco salad be put on a plate or bowl rather than than the greasy deep-fried shells restaurants serve.
    As for a cool product — I LOVE my garlic zoom! I think I saw it in an online cooking newsletter or something. I, like you, do not generally like one-purpose tools. But this is small, easy, fun and it works. And under $10 for the knock-off brands. Geez, I sound like a commericial!

  2. Julie, I’m not a buy this as seen on TV type of gal but I like the looks of these. We usually go with just brown rice/bean bowls or burritos so these wold add another exciting ;) element to the bean/cheese/salsa weekly routine at our house. The only problem is that our kitchen is so small, I have to really need something to buy it. Not completely sure this falls under the “need” category but they look good!!

    1. Sara, I hear you. I try to avoid gimmicky gadgets. I can tell you that they’re pretty small and the nest very snugly. I stored mine inside a medium sized bowl in my cabinet. But I get it, definitely a want and not a need.

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