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Silver Polishing Shortcut: Sprucing up an Estate Sale Find

September 7, 2012

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The garage is one of my favorite places to shop at estate sales. You find the usual assortment of rakes and lawn mowers and tools, but there’s usually other cool stuff out there too.

Case in point: this $10 silver urn/trophy cup/champagne bucket/vase that I found on a dusty shelf in the garage of an estate sale.

While I love the look of silver, I hate polishing it. So I use the super simple baking soda/aluminum foil method instead. It works like this.

First, line a glass or plastic tub with a layer of aluminum foil and cover it with baking soda. (If your sink is anything other than stainless steel, you can do this right in the sink and skip the tub.)

Place the silver item in the tub and add super hot water. Boiling water is best. If you’re using this method for multiple pieces of silver at the same time, just make sure that a part of each piece is touching the aluminum foil in some way.

Let the item(s) sit until the water cools. You will know that it’s all working when you see how the tarnish has transferred from the silver to the aluminum foil.

This particular piece was one of the most stubborn I’ve done, so I repeated the baking soda/boiling water process several times.

The result was much improved, but I finished it off with a little bit of silver polish to give it a bit more shine. It didn’t take much since most of the hard work had already been done for me.

Do you like using silver in your home? Do you have a silver polishing shortcut?

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    1. Jen, generally speaking, I find silver pieces pretty easy to come by. Especially if you’re using it the way you described and aren’t too concerned about silver vs. silver plate, condition, etc. I actually like pieces that are worn in spots and have a little “character” to them. Happy hunting!

  1. Wow! That looks great as a vase. I especially like the last picture with your newly upholstered chair in the background! You inspired me to check into a re-do for an old chair I have!

    1. Barb, I do this with my silverplate silverware all the time. As Teresa said, if there is some patina that you are deliberately trying to keep, you won’t have much control over that. In other words, it might do too good of a job. But that’s never the case with me. If you try it, let us know how it works for you.

  2. I’ve used that trick for years;eit’s especially useful on flatware. The only exception are pieces with the purposeful blackened patina in the insticial places as it will remove this as well. I often use this to take the wost of the tarnish off and follow with MAAS metal cleaner. It’s the miracle polisyou hardly use any at all and it keeps it from retarnishing. Check around as its price varies widely.
    If you’re storing something wrap it tightly in plastic even using the vacdcum bags for good. It’s the atmosphere that causes tarnish and some are worse than others..
    Lastly, the best advice is to USE your silver and plate. It develops a beautiful patina and soap and water washing (no dishwasher in general).keeps it tarnish-free.
    Nice urn, BTW.CTD

    1. Gee, I really need to check my comments for typos and general mistakes! Please excuse the unreadable in the prior post. I can’t even understand why I typed a few of the words I did; maybe thinking of something else while I typed. Too bad there’s no edit option. CTD
      P.S. I meant the vacuum bags used to store food.

      1. Teresa, thanks for sharing all that valuable info on caring for silver. I understand it all perfectly and I’m sure everyone else can too. I’m going to try some of your tips!

  3. I had to come see if this was the same as my shortcut, and it is! You are right – it works great. I actually read this trick in Southern Living last year (and blogged about it) and it encouraged me to start using more silver pieces in my house. Your urn looks super.

    1. Courtney, you’re right that it makes it so much easier to use silver, which I love. Soaking beats polishing any day. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanks for the how to on this! Can you tell us how much water you pour into the pan? Did you need to cover the silver completely or turn it occasionally so it all got wet? Does it take long? Just wondering. I haven’t tried this yet, although I’ve been wanting to. I still polish, but once I get a plastic tub, I will definitely give it a whirl! I’ve been finding lots of silver at sales and Goodwill. Just found an urn similar to yours. Love it all polished!

    1. Liz, it’s best if the water completely covers whatever you’re trying to polish, but on large pieces like this, I find I need to turn it. I usually just let it sit until the water cools, but you can check your piece occasionally and remove it whenever it has the look you want.

      There are definitely lots of thrifted silver finds to be had. Happy hunting!

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