Blog Survey Results and The Future of the Blog

About the Blog / Monday, September 17th, 2012

Thanks to all of you who answered the one question survey I posted a couple of weeks ago.

Since most of my blog posts fall into one of two categories — family finance and home/lifestyle — I wanted to see if it made sense to split those topics into two different blogs.

That was not something I wanted to do, but I was interested if it made the most sense for the readers.

And the Survey Said…

Feeling a little like Richard Dawson of The Family Feud here…

  • The largest group of people who answered – 43% –  are equally interested in both topics.
  • That was followed closely by 38% who are primarily interested in personal finance topics, but have some interest in lifestyle topics as well.
  • And then another 9% are primarily interested in lifestyle topics, but have some interest in personal finance topics.

Taken together, that means 90% of those who responded have at least some level of interest in both topics.

What That Means for the Blog

Based on the results of the survey, it makes sense to keep everything here under one, virtual roof. Some of the information I heard at the Financial Blogger Conference earlier this month backs that up as well.

I’m happy about these results because maintaing one blog and one set of social media profiles is infinitely easier than two. Now I can move full steam ahead with my primary focus on The Family CEO.

How You Can Find the Information You’re Interested In

Since everything will remain together, I want to tell you how you can easily find the information you’re interested in on the blog.

When you visit the blog’s home page, you will find the three main topics I blog about – Family Finance, House & Home, and Simplifying – can now be found at the top of the blog. Clicking on any of those will take you to a complete list of blog posts in that category.

A little further down the page, on the right side, you will find a list of departments that includes those three main topics and a few more. Again, click on any of those to take you to a complete list of posts in only that category.

And if you’d like even more specific information, check out the topics list, also in the right sidebar. You should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for there.

Subscribe to The Family CEO

Another way to keep up with what’s happening on the blog is to subscribe via email. Each new post will be delivered directly to your inbox so you can quickly see what we’re talking about that day.

Subscribing is a quick, two-step process:

  1. Fill out your email address.
  2. An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe.

You can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Click here to subcribe to The Family CEO via email.

Follow The Family CEO on Facebook.

The Family CEO Facebook page now has almost 800 followers.

All of new blog posts are linked to there, and you will also find other photos, links, etc. that aren’t mentioned on the blog. It’s like a separate, mini-blog.

Click here to go to The Family CEO Facebook Page.

What’s Coming Up on The Family CEO

Here are a couple of things I have planned before the end of the year:

In the home area, I’m embarking on a kitchen remodel late next month. In fact, the decision-making process is well underway, so expect to see more about that and how I’m balancing my budget with my dream kitchen.

Here’s a before shot to give you an idea of what is coming up.

Also, before the end of the year the first Family CEO ebook will be out. The subject will be a family finance topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

Whew…that’s a lot of information. But I don’t want to close without thanking you for being great readers, subscribers, commenters, and Facebook followers. I love the little community that we have going here and you all have made that possible.

If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on the blog, or any way you could more easily access what’s of interest to you, please let me know in the comments.

10 Replies to “Blog Survey Results and The Future of the Blog”

      1. I just shared a little about the cabinets that we purchased, but I haven’t decided what level of detail I’m going to put on the blog yet. Since my blog isn’t necessarily a “home improvement blog” (identity issues – eep!), I’m just not sure. I mean…I always love a good remodel story, especially with pics, so maybe I will. We are still in the process of picking everything out, so it’s kinda spotty right now. We probably won’t get started with actual demo/install for about another month.

    1. Thanks, Lance. I’ve spent entirely too much time struggling with this decision, so it feels good to have it made. Maybe I should have named my site, Money, Life & More. :)

  1. I didn’t respond to the survey because I didn’t have an opinion. However, I do have a suggestion. I like the information you and your daughter have the USA site on college, but I often forget to go over there. It would be helpful it you had a short mention of your new posts over there with a link to the article.

    1. Shannon, thanks for your feedback. Are you on Facebook? I’m trying to remember to posts links there. Would you also like to see them here on the blog?

  2. I sorta feel the same way about having an identity crisis with one of my blogs (although not this one!). It sounds like the survey was well worth your time. And I’m looking forward to reading about the kitchen remodel.

  3. I also blend personal finance with small house design. I’ve never bothered to take a survey of what my readers want, but based on my organic traffic, it just made sense to keep it all under “one roof” like you said. I look forward to reading about your kitchen remodel.

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