Two Sources of Found Money Are Even Better in August

Found Money / Monday, August 13th, 2012

One concept I’ve become the most passionate about since starting The Family CEO is  the one of found money.

Found Money = Taking small amounts of money from different sources and putting them to work meeting a larger financial goal.

I find myself thinking a lot about found money these days, because:

  1. I’m in the process of setting some new found money goals.
  2. I’ve embarked on an exciting project around the found money concept.

More on both of those things to come soon.

In the meantime, I want to share some bonuses that are currently being offered for two of my favorite found money sources: Cash4Books and Mr. Rebates.

Cash4Books August Bonus

Cash4Books is offering a 15% bonus (up to $50) when you sell some of your used books to them by August 31. Use the bonus code AVBC56.

Sell textbooks at

I have used Cash4Books when I’ve been in book decluttering mode and have been happy with them.

Many Family CEO readers have sold used books through Cash4Books as well.

The process is this:

  1. Visit
  2. Get a quote on the books you have to sell.
  3. Ship your books for free.
  4. Get paid!

You can read my experience with and tips for using Cash4Books here and here.

Mr. Rebates Back to School Bonuses

I never, ever shop online without going through a site that gives me cash back. Nine times out of ten, that site is Mr. Rebates.

Mr. Rebates

Through August 26, dozens of Mr. Rebates stores are offering increased cash back amounts for back to school. Here are a few I took note of:

School Uniforms, Back to School Clothes & Shoes

  • JCPenney – 5% cash back
  • Lands End – 5% cash back
  • Sears – 5% cash back
  • Aeropostale – 6% cash back
  • Finish Line – 7% cash back
  • Old Navy – 5% cash back
  • Target – 5% cash back
  • DSW – 10% cash back
  • Famous Footwear – 12% cash back

School Supplies (shop online and skip the madhouse at the stores)

  • Staples – 4% cash back
  • Discount School Supply – 4% cash back
  • Apple – 2% cash back
  • Dell Home – 5% cash back
  • Target – 5% cash back


  • Proactiv – 40% cash back (not a typo)
  • Sephora – 5% cash back (my latest Mr. Rebates cash back was for a Sephora purchase)

Many of these sites are offering free shipping as well.

The process for getting cash back from Mr. Rebates looks like this:

  1. Visit the Mr. Rebates site and log into your account.
  2. Find the store you want to shop at and click through to that store.
  3. Complete your shopping as usual.

Your Mr. Rebates account will be credited with the cash back amount within a few days and you’ll be eligible to withdraw it after 90 days.

Here’s one of my favorite parts about using Mr. Rebates and it’s not something I hear many people talking/writing/blogging about: When you click through to the store you want to shop at, a little window opens up that lets you know that you’ll be receiving the Mr. Rebates cash back amount. Also in that window is a little link you can click that will show you any coupon codes for that store, so you can save even more.

Mr. Rebates Daily iPad Giveaway

Now is a great time to sign up for Mr. Rebates (it’s free and you’ll receive a $5 credit to your account as a sign up bonus), or to visit the site if you already have an account. That’s because through August 26 Mr. Rebates is giving away an iPad a day.

That’s an iPad given away to a Mr. Rebates member each day.

The winners are chosen by random from store click-throughs.

I’ve been a happy user of Mr. Rebates since 2006, so if you have any questions at all about how it works, don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you in simplifying or back to school mode? Where are you finding money these days?

Note: This post contains my referral links. See my disclosure policy for more details.

5 Replies to “Two Sources of Found Money Are Even Better in August”

  1. Read a couple of your articles and found them really interesting. We don’t have any many deals and discounts here in UK. Whenever, I visit, i love shopping there as there is always some offer or deal in most of the larger stores. And whenever I have been cheeky enough to ask for a discount – I have managed to get one.

  2. Living a frugal lifestyle is not really doing away with numbers (expenses). Rather, being frugal means you need to get these numbers and digits in order for you to carefully watch them before you realize you are spending too much or beyond your budget. Frugality for me is an art of using money with a lot of take from rationality. Going after discounts does not make you cheap; it just makes you practical and financially mature.

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