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About the Blog / Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Back when I kept paper calendars, I liked to save them. They didn’t take up a lot of room, and it was always fun and interesting to look back and see what we were doing a year ago. Or two. Or five.

I liked the “month at a glance” calendars. I started with those little, square ones you could pick up for free at Hallmark stores. As our lives became busier, I switched to larger sizes.

This paper calendar from 2007 — the last one I kept before going electronic — has appointments for dance team, swim team, softball, and the orthodontist, none of which are now a part of our lives.

This blog is a kind of calendar too, and it’s fun to look back and see what we were discussing in the past. Here’s what was happening on The Family CEO at this time last year:

Is your calendar paper or electronic? Do you enjoy looking back?

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11 Replies to “A Year Ago on The Family CEO”

  1. I started using my iPod calendar this year instead of a paper calendar, because I found it was difficult to have my paper calendar with me at all times (and I am the Keeper of the Calendar). I have to say, while I don’t like typing with the iPod keypad, the small amount of extra time inputting information is saved multiple times over with functions like pressing a button to tell it to make the event repeat every week instead of writing it myself.

    1. Keeper of the Calendar…I like that, Wayne. You should have business cards made that say that. I didn’t know you could keep a calendar on an iPod. Very creative.

  2. Oh my, not sure I should confess this – but I have many calendars. One in the kitchen that reminds which weeks to take out the recycling. One in the bathroom to tell when to get new contact lenses and toss the month-old ones. I have my electronic calendar on my desktop that is mostly a to-do list. It is especially easy to put on monthly or annual tasks and to move to tomorrow what I didn’t get done today! And I still use a paper weekly engagement calendar that I keep – I probably have close to 20 years worth. Mostly I keep these because they have appointments which could have mileage-for-tax consequenses such as charity work and business trips. And it is fun to look back on them, too.

  3. Your paper calendar made me smile! I still use paper everything – our family calendar that hangs on the refrigerator, my blog post schedule. For me, old fashioned works!
    Happy long weekend, Julie.

  4. A color coded paper calendar for me, hanging on the fridge, just like Sara. And like Teresa, I use mine later to figure out tax mileage for charity work. I do enter select items that involve him on my husband’s Google calendar. He likes using it for keeping track of birthdays and anniversaries. Although he would never send a paper card, he often sends a quick email to the birthday girl/boy to let them know that he’s thinking of them.

  5. I keep calendars and a note book on every show I do. Sometimes there were three or four running. I love to look back at the lists and the to dos and saying I did that. More like I survived that. But on the financial note I love l looking and seeing how far I’ve come. How much less I pay every month. How much more I can pay toward debt and just how much better off I am spiritually and financially. I just did a look back on my blog a year ago in September. It was an amazing eye opener, even though this summer has been fraught with financial disasters, I am still more at peace and I am grateful for that and bloggers like you who got me there. or here:)

  6. I think it’s fun to look back on calendars, too. Now I have the electronic version as well, but I still use it to look up dates of important things in the past few years.

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