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Quick and Easy Front Door Makeover

July 25, 2012

Nothing has the impact potential of a great front door.

Case in point: this amazing one I spotted in San Francisco:

And this one.

And definitely this one.

Back on the home front, our front door needed some work.

I was tired at looking at the drab, dirty, white interior. Especially since I pass it 40-50 times a day.

We had also lost all of our front door keys, since we usually enter through the garage.

And the deadbolt had became difficult to lock and unlock.

A front door update and refresh was definitely in order.

I liked the front of the door. It was painted glossy black, had a nice handle and kick plate and I bought a vinyl transfer of letters/numbers off of Etsy to dress it up.

Repainting the Door

Since I like the classic look of black, and I have a lot of black in my entry way, I opted to paint the interior and sides of the door the same glossy black as the front.

We took the door off the hinges and I gave the backside and sides a coat of the same paint that was used to paint the front, which we had on hand.

I completely neglected to take pictures of this part of the process, which is just as well because the paint got a little gloppy in spots.

I’m the world’s most impatient painter and I did a couple of thick coats instead of multiple, thin coats, which would have worked much better.

When the paint was dry we put the door back up, and I decided if the paint job still bothered me after it had been up a while I would sand the thicker spots and repaint it. That hasn’t happened, so I must be okay with it. :)

Updating the Hardware

Because the handle and locks were going to have to be replaced, I used this opportunity to switch them from brass to brushed nickel.

I removed the kick plate and spray painted it in a brushed nickel metallic. A little light sanding was all that was needed before the paint was applied.

I stuck the screws into an old piece of floral foam to hold them in place while they were painted too.

When everything was dry, we reassembled it all.

I love the new hardware on the front. And the fact that we can easily lock and unlock it now. (Always a good feature in a front door.)

  What I really love though, is the new, painted interior:

Not quite a new door, but it kind of feels like one.

Have you refreshed anything in your house lately? Do you make your family stand by while you take pictures of front doors on vacations? 

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  1. Ah, the front door. Yours looks great! I would never have thought to paint it a different color than the trim.
    We actually need a new door and screen door as we have wood rot. I’m afraid we’ll have to spend some $$$.

  2. I like it! I don’t have the budget right now for *any* projects, but something like this (black won’t match our house unfortunately) is going on my to-do list for sure! Great tutorial–thanks for posting.

  3. The new paint looks great. What exactly did you use? I know you lost the key, but ffr powdered graphite is the solution for locks that don’t work. It loosens and lubricates the tu,mbler without oil which can gum them up. It’s sold in a tube in all hardware store: A real miracle worker… I haven’t had to replace on yet.

    1. Teresa, it’s just a run of the mill high gloss paint from a hardware store in basic black. One quart covered the inside and outside of the door, with paint to spare.

  4. A front door gives an impression of the home, not unlike how one is dressed for an interview. If the first impression is negative it goes down hill fast. The little it costs to update a front door, it is worth it.

  5. The door looks fabulous Julie! Our door needs a makeover severely! It dented, dinged, and dingy…Just might need to give it a # facelift! While I would love to paint it black I can’t because of our HOA paint color restictions :( bummer…yours looks great!

  6. I painted the numbers on our door last spring in just this same way. Love the look and it is so much easier to spot from the street. Wish I would have gone ahead and replaced the hardware then. Ours is so corroded. Looking at yours makes me want it gone!

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