Found Money Update: Garage Sale Edition

Found Money / Thursday, July 5th, 2012

I’ve written a lot about getting rid of things by selling them online:

I’ve also written about donating your stuff and taking the tax writeoff.

But sometimes you get the urge to drag everything out on your driveway, put up a sign, and then trade your stuff for money with the strangers who drop by.

My mom and I did exactly that last month.

My net proceeds totaled $318. That went into my found money pool.

To that I added:

  • A $65 fertilizer rebate
  • A $10 check from Angie’s List for writing a quick review of our doctor

That brings this found money update total to $393.

I wrote on Facebook that having a garage sale is like the pain of childbirth: you swear never again until the memory fades and you think, “that wasn’t so bad.”

I’m currently in the “never again” phase.

Have you had a garage sale this summer? Or is the pain of your last one still too real?

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11 Replies to “Found Money Update: Garage Sale Edition”

  1. I had a garage sale in June. I find it easy and fun because I don’t do it at my house. I do it with a friend and we do it during her neighborhood garage sale weekend and we get tons of shoppers. I find great satisfaction in loading up a truck load of stuff and hauling it away to her house. I do not bring any of it back if it doesn’t sell it goes to catholic charities. It is fun to spend the days together and watch our stuff go to a new home. This year we sold everything except a few of the clothes. I made abuout $130. It is not about the money it is about getting rid of stuff. This is probably my fourth time doing a garage sale with my friend and I have made over a $100 each time. She has made anywhere from $200 – $400 each year. Sometimes others join us with their stuff and it is great girl time.

    1. Vicki, I love your take on this. A nice day with your friend + getting rid of excess stuff + a little extra cash = win/win/win. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You did incredibly well and reminded me I need to sell a few things myself. Hearing about your success is definitely motivating and I could certainly always use found money.

  3. I wouldn’t mind visiting your garage sale! Nice items. I am dragging my feet on a garage sale this year. My kids say ‘never again’, my husband says ‘let’s do it’. Of course his job is putting up the signs, not running the sale or setting things up.

  4. Julie! I have that wrought iron piece in the first pic…it was Southern Living, right? I keep it on my table with cloth napkins inside. I think I would have liked to visit your garage sale too!

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