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A Mother’s Day Photo Display

May 10, 2012

Mothers Day Photo DisplayDo you have family photos around your house?

Do they tend to stay in the same groupings in the same spots on the same tabletops?

Same here.

But lately I’ve been having fun choosing pictures with a theme for this table in my entry way.

This month’s pictures are of our mothers and grandmothers, in honor of Mother’s Day.

Every member of our family walks by this table multiple times a day. And when I walk by I love glancing at the pictures because they’re ones I’m not used to seeing.

(Have you ever had something in the same spot in your house for so long, that you don’t even see it anymore?)

Once Mother’s Day is over, I’ll replace them with pictures of our fathers and grandfathers.

And the more I think about it, the more I find the possibilities for this rotating display are endless:

  • Wedding photos during an anniversary month.
  • Photos celebrating family members’ birthday months.
  • Christmas photos in December.
  • Dating/Wedding pictures for Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure there are more.

This is so easy to do, too. Some of these pictures I found and put in a frame for this display, but others I just pulled from other places in the house.

And they don’t even have to be perfect.

See that yellow mark on the picture in the front? Somebody drew on the picture at some point. I’m positive it was my sister and not me.

    1. Thank you, Jules. And thanks for making The William Morris Project available to us every week. It’s my favorite place to linkup!

  1. That’s a great idea! I usually keep the same things out forever, and it gets boring. This would be fun for summer–vacation/water photos, holiday traditions, etc.

  2. I really like this idea! And I love the thinking that the photos don’t have to look perfect. We’ve got a revolving art display in our kitchen, and we really enjoy it for just the reason you said: When you have the same thing in the same place all the time, you stop seeing it. Also, it’s just a way to get more things out where you can enjoy them. I’ve got too many tucked into boxes and drawers.

  3. I love it! No store bought holiday decorations can match real family memorabilia. We revolve our kid’s art, I really like the idea of re-arranging and re-newing photos as family art for different seasons.

  4. Love the revolving picture idea, and themed suggestions others posted along with the whole decor of the table area. Questions, how did you hang the wreath on the mirror, what kind of wreath is it and where did you purchase it?

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