Bringing the Outdoors In

The Rest / Thursday, March 29th, 2012

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I’m not a gardener. I’m what you would call indoorsy.

So once things are planted outside, it usually doesn’t occur to me to actually go out there and bring them in.

But over the winter I found this pin on Pinterest and decided to try and recreate it for a book club gathering at my house.

I already had this set of three vases and some floating candles like these, which I use all the time.

Twigs in clear vases with water and floating candles. Nothing could be simpler.

I’m sure any neighbors who saw me outside with pruning sheers in February thought I had lost it at last. But I actually loved the result.

I love the seasons, including the starkness of winter, so its simplicity was pretty to me.

Last month I decided to try my hand at forcing branches. I clipped some off of a honeysuckle bush (I think it’s a honeysuckle bush…someone correct me if I’m wrong) but they didn’t bloom. The leaves just dried up and fell off.

I liked the green while it lasted though.

Honeysuckle clippings. I think?

This week I decided to clip a couple of branches off of this dogwood tree (at least I think it’s Dogwood…told ya I’m not a gardener).

Is it a Dogwood?

This time the buds had already bloomed but have opened up even more over the past few days. So pretty and simple. I love them.

Bringing a little Spring inside.

And they’re lasting a lot longer than the $6.99 bunch of tulips I bought at the grocery store.

$7 tulips.
Free clippings from just outside my front door.

Do you like to garden? How do you decorate with nature?

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47 Replies to “Bringing the Outdoors In”

  1. This is such a GREAT idea!!! I LOVE it! I think your twigs look better than the tulips!

    LOVE the candle and twigs idea..what a great way to celebrate the *darker* months! :)!

  2. Love the candle and twigs – so simple, but really pretty. As for the flowers, some of my favorites are when we snip branches from the flowing cherry tree above our deck and bring them inside. They don’t last too long, but they are beautiful for a while. :-) Sometimes the simple things (like bringing in flowers or branches from the yard) are all it takes to brighten up a house and take over the piles. :-)

    1. Melissa, I hear you. You wouldn’t believe how long I thought about going out and clipping branches before I actually did it.

  3. Very nice! I don’t have a lot of spring flowers, some, but not many. I have a huge bunch of Dahlias though, that last July through October that I bring in all the time. And to work. And more to give to co-workers. The more I cut the faster they grow back. It’s a great problem to have in the summer. :)

  4. I love the sticks in water. Genius!

    We have a purple plumb tree in our back yard that always blooms on my sister’s birthday. So I usually cut some sprigs off and give it to her with her present. They are so pretty.

    I’m also a fan of the uncarved Halloween pumpkin that can double as Thanksgiving decor if you keep it long enough. It’s the ultimate lazy-person’s decoration.

    1. Pumpkins do seem to last forever, don’t they? I’m 100% in favor of lazy person decorating. And your sister is a lucky girl to have that tree bloom on her birthday.

  5. Quick tip for making the tulips last longer: they like cold, so trim the ends & put ice water in the vase. Should add a few days to their ‘shelf life’.

    1. Kristen, I didn’t have any problems with floating that I remember. If I did, the candles on top kept the branches down.

  6. I am making these for my wedding. I have all the supplies and tried them out. They look great aside from the fact that the branches keep floating! Any ideas about the best way to prevent this from happening? I had a few ideas but all seemed a little too time intensive. My hope was to find a low maintenance solution!

    1. Hi Mandy, I didn’t seem to have any trouble with the branches floating. Have you tried them with the candles on top of them? That seemed to keep them down for me. Otherwise, the commenter above recommended a little bit of hot glue.

      Good luck and best wishes!

  7. did the branches.. they did float.. disappointed me… kept trying to push them down.. went ahead and lit them.. Thought maybe water would eventually weigh them down.. But didnt.. will work on it again tomarrow..

  8. Love it! Guess I’ll be sneaking into my neighbor’s yard to steal some twigs and flowers to create this inexpensive, creative design! haha

  9. Well…maybe it’s just me but I had trouble with this one. I love the look of the twigs and candle but my twigs keep floating up. Should my candle be the exact size of the opening? Mine is just a bit smaller.

  10. I am wondering what provides the glow that appears in the picture inside the vases with twigs? Have you also got candles in back of the vases or submersible ones inside?

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