Master Bath Remodel on a Budget

The Rest / Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Welcome Money Saving Mom readers!

I’m guest posting on Crystal’s fabulous blog today as part of her “We Paid Cash” series. My post is about our master bathroom remodel on a budget.

I realize that a post on home decor is much better with some pics, so I’m posting some here. Family CEO readers, you can find the post here and then the pics will make much more sense.

Stock tile from Home Depot laid in a diagonal pattern.
Fresh paint and new hardware.
Left the white tile, but replaced the hunter green strip of accent tile with neutral accents.

A big thanks to Crystal for publishing my post.

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  1. I’m also here from MoneySavingMom. Love the photos! Thanks for posting. Great story too. We also love doing projects with cash!
    We did a smaller bathroom fix in our master bath, and yes, it’s amazing with a few hundred bucks for paint, hardware, light fixture and faucet will do! (If anyone cares, I blogged on it here:
    (We also did a complete gut job on the spare bath after a fire, and it’s even more amazing with a few thousand will do, but I digress… :)

  2. Hi, Julie! I am also here from MSM and wanted to see how you replaced the hunter green stripe of tile. Mine is harvest gold, very 1973, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Did you have to pop out the old tile without hurting the surroundings? I was thinking I’d have to paint over it with some kind of ceramic paint or something.

    1. Hi Gina. Yes, my guys were able to cut out the accent tiles without hurting the surrounding tiles. As I recall, the just cut through the grout surrounding the accent tiles and worked them out. The new tiles aren’t quite as flat as the surrounding tiles, but the look is still okay. If you want more details, let me know and I’ll email the guy who did it.

  3. What a lovely job. I really like the way you had the tile laid on the diagonal. Home Depot and Lowes sell so many wonderful products. My husband and I were at Home Depot a few times this week because we needed supplies to paint a room in our house. As we were walking through the floor and tiling dept. we saw some very nice squares of glass tiles all arranged in different colours that I guess could be used for a backsplash.

    With the selections they offer there is no need to pay big prices at the designer stores anymore.

    1. TOD, I so agree. I love glass tiles and considered some for the strip of tiles around our tub. So, so pretty. Especially the blues and greens.

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