Ask the Readers: How to Celebrate a Frugal Yet Meaningful Valentine’s Day

The Rest / Friday, January 27th, 2012
Happy Valentine’s Day! How will you celebrate?

I’m thinking about Valentine’s Day.

We’re not extravagant Valentine’s Day people, but even the simplest of traditional celebrations can add up. I’d like to keep it simpler this year.

Actually, I think my husband and I have been accidentally celebrating Valentine’s Day since the first of the year. We’ve been attending a six week sermon series on Love, Sex, and Marriage. For the last two weeks, we’ve stopped for a meal on the way home, which turned it into more of a date.

The last sermon in the series — The Habits of Those Who Love for a Lifetime — is coincidentally (or probably not) scheduled for the weekend before Valentine’s Day.

And today a Groupon deal for a local steakhouse showed up in my inbox. While I debated whether or not to buy it, it occurred to me that we could use it for dinner out after the last worship service in the series. That seemed like an especially fitting way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We’ll also probably exchange small gifts. I’m going to suggest a $10 or less limit so we can exercise our creativity instead of our wallets.

I’d love some help with that part and I’m sure others would too, so I’m asking the readers:

What are your best suggestions for creative, frugal Valentine’s Day gifts? How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

12 Replies to “Ask the Readers: How to Celebrate a Frugal Yet Meaningful Valentine’s Day”

  1. I usually buy hubby a box of chocolates, and get the kids each a small treat and give it to them along with a handmade card. :) Probably cost me $10-15 total. Vday is also my birthday, but its also the same day we lost MIL, so I tend to mostly ignore my bday because it’s a sad day. *blush* Hubby usually works on Vday anyways, so it’s business as usual & keeps his mind off his loss.

    1. Carla, I’m sorry that Valentine’s Day and your birthday are so bittersweet. And I’m sorry for your loss. Happy (early) birthday.

  2. We aren’t big Valentine’s Day people either, and my husband & I usually do small gifts like Carla mentioned- candy & cards for each other & chocolate for our kids. We have started using internet deals for restaurants recently & we love it- it’s such a simple way to save.

    1. Audrey, I agree that the internet restaurant deals are very valuable. Provided you were going to eat out anyway. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    2. My fiancee and I do small gifts. Sometimes we do extravagant ones…but the smalls thing mean the most. I think utilizing creativity rather than the pocket book shows the person you love them much more. Great article! Hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. I love that, TPH. It sounds like your kids are small. I know when mine were little, the thought of planning a big date night just added to the busyness and fatigue that went with taking care of small children. Enjoy your cozy night in!

  3. I celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. I usually bring dinner (under $25) and grab a bouquet of flowers (approx.$6), light candles and the fireplace (depending on weather). Much more romantic and reasonable.

  4. What we usually do is buy melting chocolate and some different fruits to cover in the chocolate. Not this year though. Just this weekend I told C not to worry about Valentine’s Day (on his own, he wasn’t likely to remember it anyway, but it is a class day for him, so someone will almost certainly ask him what we’re doing).
    I get my braces on on Feb 15, not quite 14 months after I got them. I am super excited and know that I will want to celebrate the no more braces- probably with steak, as that’s something I haven’t really been able to eat. And it would be silly to celebrate both separately on our budget. So, we’ll probably give my teeth a few days to recover and go out for a steak dinner the weekend after Valentine’s.

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