Reader Email: The Power of Using Found Money to Pay Off Debt

Found Money, Paying Off Debt / Friday, December 30th, 2011

It’s nearly the New Year. Will your resolutions include paying off debt?

If so, prepared to be inspired by this email from a reader named Stacie. Stacie is using the found money method to get out of debt.

Here’s what she wrote:

I made a simple spreadsheet & couldn’t believe it when my total today came to just under $1000!!! I stole your idea of throwing every $5 rebate, $20 cash back, $25 incentive for opening a bank account, etc at my debt. I used to put them in my checking account & they’d float off into space or something. I never used to think of sending $5 to my debt as a good use of that $5. However, now that I’m using a spreadsheet & really getting creative about ways to bring an extra $20 into my life, I’m really attacking that debt!!

You can’t imagine how happy finding this email in my inbox made me. Congratulations, Stacie! And thanks for showing us how small amounts of money can do big things.

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