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Simplifying / Monday, December 12th, 2011
Susan and her husband were able to take limbs left by the side of the road and sell them for firewood. Photo credit: stock.xchng

There are some great comments on the Top 3 Things I’ve Sold Online post from last week, and I wanted to call special attention to one by a reader named Susan.

She wrote:

We have sold some completely random stuff on Craigslist. Right now my husband is selling firewood he cut and split from limbs left next to the road for garbage pickup, etc. $40 for a 4×4 rack of oak firewood. He’s made 3 sales this week and we have another one scheduled tomorrow morning.

We had a brand new section of Wilsonart laminate countertop that was measured incorrectly by the installer – he was going to return it to the shop for disposal, but I told him to leave it for me. I listed that on Craigslist and it was gone within 48 hours for about $50.

I bought my son an oak bookcase headboard at a garage sale – the seller had made it for his son but didn’t need it anymore after the son went away to college. We used it for several years, then I listed it for sale for the same price I paid – $25. Crickets. Relisted it a couple of times with new improved photos. Nothing. Finally I RAISED the price and got it sold. Sometimes it seems that people are leery of buying stuff too cheap.

I love that she and her husband have been able to make some extra money by selling things on Craigslist that were headed for the landfill, including that wood that someone else left by the side of the road.

And raising the price of something that isn’t selling? Genius.

Thanks so much for sharing, Susan.

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  1. We had a beat-up oak tv stand at our garage sale for $5. No one would even look at it. I put on of those “make an offer” stickers on it that I NEVER use. Some one offered me $15 dollars for it. I felt guilty taking the extra cash, but took it.

  2. I am the one who originally commented on your post. Update on our Craigslisting – my husband has sold $200 worth of firewood in the past few weeks, and I need to “top off” our ad before the weekend as he has another load ready to go. Last week we sold leftover Hardiepanel siding from a home repair project. Oh, and I eBayed a control panel from a Genie garage door opener that fell apart – the control panel still worked fine. I will soon be searching Craigslist for textbooks for our three kids – all college students at the same time for the first time this coming semester! My goal in the new year is to list for resale many more random items that are currently nestled in cabinets and drawers around the house. . . . . .

  3. I have a neighbor that put a vehicle on cl and sold it within 15 minutes. She couldn’t hardly believe it! Awesome job. She just wanted to get rid of it.

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