Using Debit Rewards to Help Pay for Christmas

Managing Money / Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

This week I got the envelope I most love getting in the mail: my PerkStreet debit card cash back rewards. 

I take my rewards in the form of a MasterCard Reward Card and this one is worth $100. That brings our PerkStreet rewards to date to $560.

Normally I use these cards to pay down debt, but with Christmas coming up so quickly, I’ll be using this one to buy gifts.

Are you finding ways to squirrel away money for the holidays?

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8 Replies to “Using Debit Rewards to Help Pay for Christmas”

  1. I just cashed in about $75 worth of gift cards for Christmas with my Chase Rewards and Amex Blue CashBack accounts. It’s really helping stretch the bucks for Christmas!

  2. We’ve been saving my husbands AMEX checks he gets at work every quarter for different safety points they passed. So far the company has given us $750. The perk street rewards sound great. I’m getting my rewards card from my CU, but I think it’s only $25 or $30. I have a question, how do you keep costs down with teenagers. I have a 18, 15, and 7 yo. The first 2 are getting harder to shop for because they are wanting and needing bigger items. I love the little poem, I think I’m going to use that for christmas and their bdays.

    1. Sakura, what a great program your husband has at work and kudos to you all for saving it for this time of year.

      Your question about buying for teens is a good one. So good, in fact, that I think I’ll address it in an upcoming post.

  3. I save my Target gift cards throughout the year…this year I had over $200.00. I earn these gift cards for buying prescriptions, toilet paper and other items I would have to buy otherwise. In addition, I buy all my prescriptions with my Redcard from Target and earn an additional 5% off my purchase (and the 5% off from using my Redcard, which equals 10%). So, I not only have my gift cards, but for other items to buy I receive the 10% off (its a matter of timing). We also save any rebates we get from Verizon for cell phones, which this year totaled $250.00. I just tucked them away until the holiday season. With nine kids, this helps out a lot.

    1. Laura, those are fabulous ideas. I occasionally get those Target gift cards too and I always just throw them toward my next purchase. I’m going to use your idea instead. And nine kids? You must be a budgeting pro. Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks for your comment!

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