The Easy Way to Do Christmas on a Budget: How Can You Get It Cheaper?

Managing Money / Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

This is part four in a series about Christmas on a Budget.

If you’ve been following this series, so far you have:

  1. Compiled a list of everything you spend money on at Christmas and penciled in the amount you spend on each category.
  2. Chosen items from the list that you could eliminate.
  3. Evaluated the list for items you want to keep but that could scale back on.

The final question to ask yourself about the items that remain on your list is: How can I get it cheaper?

Here are a few ideas for you to consider:


  • Sales (especially loss leaders)
  • Coupons (combined with sales when possible)
  • Discount stores like Aldi, Walmart, Sam’s, Costco. (Sam’s and Costco have huge, delicious pumpkin pies for about $6. I will never make a pumpkin pie again!)


  • eBay
  • Handmade
  •  Mr. Rebates for online rebates and coupon codes


  • Book flights early
  • Drive instead of fly


  • Send digital cards to your email list (no printing or postage costs)
  • Order actual cards online using discounts (Vistaprint has some great specials on flat cards, folded cards, holiday postcards, and address labels. You get anywhere from 10 to 100 of these for free. You pay shipping and handling only.)

Once you’ve brainstormed ways to save money on the things you spend on at Christmas, re-evaluate the amounts that you had penciled in during step one. You should be able to reduce some of the numbers and use these new numbers as your spending targets.

Help us out with savings ideas for this step: What are your favorite ways to save money at Christmas or the holidays?

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6 Replies to “The Easy Way to Do Christmas on a Budget: How Can You Get It Cheaper?”

  1. I haven’t even made my Christmas list yet- I’m still figuring out what my budget will be and who I’m shopping for. I will say that I’m cutting down who I’m shopping for and how much they’re getting. Other than stuff for my Dad (who I buy new pajamas for, slippers, socks and clothes for since he wears stuff til it’s threadbare!) everyone’s just getting something small or a gift of time/lessons (teaching a friend how to knit, another one asked for me to teach her some computer stuff).

    Happy Holidays!

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