Money Making Idea: Zazzle

Making Money / Friday, April 8th, 2011

Most of the money I’ve made online has been through writing, but some of the people I’ve met and worked with online have made money in other ways. That’s why when I saw a CNN piece recently about a site called Zazzle, I was familiar with it.

Zazzle is a site that allows users create a design, and then put that design on any number of products, including t-shirts, hats, cards, and posters. As a designer, you can create a free online storefront through Zazzle and use it to sell products and earn a royalty of anywhere from 10% – 90% on them.

The very best part of the arrangement is that as a Zazzle designer, you never have to take possession of any inventory. Zazzle puts your design on the products as they are ordered and sends them out to the buyer.

The CNN segment featured a woman who used Zazzle to quit her job and pursue a new career in art. My guess is that kind of success is rare, but it’s clear there are many people who use Zazzle as a side business. It’s very convenient in that it can be done from home, and once the designs are up on the site, it has the potential to become a stream of passive income. (I’m sure the successful Zazzle sellers do quite a bit of marketing as well.)

Here’s the video that CNN recently aired:

Have you heard of Zazzle? Do you have any experience using it as a buyer or seller?

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