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25 Things I Do to Save Money

April 19, 2007

25 things to save moneyDawn at Frugal for Life posted her list of 25 ways she saves money and invited others to do the same. I’m a little late to the party, but here is my list. Be sure to stop by Dawn’s blog for other bloggers’ lists as well.

1. Except for a few products to which I am brand-loyal, buy generic whenever possible.
2. Buy magazine subscriptions and dog food coupons on eBay.
3. Use the library and request gift cards to book stores at holiday time to feed my book habit.
4. Keep a price book.
5. Frame free artwork for my home.
6. Save on prescriptions with Rx coupons and mail-order pharmacies.
7. Combine errands and plan my route carefully to save money on gas. (Okay, I do this because I’m OCD, but it does save money on gas.)
8.Use less than the recommended amount for things like laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, etc.
9. Rarely shop as a form of entertainment.
10. Carry a high deductible on our health insurance policy.
11. Get cash only at my bank’s ATM to save on fees.
12. Pay more than the required payments to get our debt paid off ASAP.
13. Donate unwanted items and use It’s Deductible to take the tax write-off.
14. Track all our expenses in Quicken so I know exactly what we’re spending.
15. Clean my own house.
16. Own less stuff.
17. Read blogs of other frugal folks to get ideas and stay motivated.
18. Turn off lights when I leave the room.
19. Only run full loads in the dishwasher, washer & dryer.
20. Buy used whenever possible.
21. Avoid buying trendy clothing.
22. Keep detailed records and to save on accountant fees.
23. Buy meat in bulk and freeze in smaller portions.
24. Keep the books and do the payroll for my husband’s business so he doesn’t have to hire out.
25. Use Mr. Rebates for most of my online purchases.

Do we do any of the same things? What other things do you do to save money?

  1. At some stores (Fred Meyer – a Kroger store) you can get cash at the checkout without a purchase, just like at an ATM, without a fee. It’s worth asking.

  2. Another good way to feed your book habit is to buy USED books on Many of the books are ‘almost new’ and in great condition, but you can get them for a fraction of the price!

  3. Hi….An even better way to feed the book habit is it's free. You post books you no longer want and when someone requests your book, you pay the shipping and mail it to them. When they receive it you get a credit for a book in your account to request a book and then it is shipped to you free by that person. ILOVE books and this site is awesome I have swapped over 50 books and never had a problem. Check it out!!

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