Decluttering and Donations

August 31, 2006

Yesterday I wrote about decluttering. So what am I doing with all my stuff? Some of it I trash. Stained clothing, broken toys, electronics that I’m not sure work…these are trash. The rest I donate.

Two places that I like to give our unwanted children’s items to are the used toy drive at our church and a city-wide book drive for at risk children that is held in our city each fall. Those each come around once a year and are great reminders to go through our items and pass along books and toys that we aren’t using anymore.

For clothing and household items, there are three places that I have disposed of unwanted items:

Goodwill – We have a Goodwill store not too far from us with a drive up donation drop-off. Originally this was wonderful but the last two times I’ve been there they have told me 1) they weren’t taking any books at the moment (and books is what I had brought) and 2) they couldn’t take items in boxes, only bags. I understand wanting clothing and linens in bags, but when it comes to household items, books, etc. bags aren’t very practical. And since I never know if they’re going to take what I’ve brought them I tend not to risk a wasted trip.

Disabled Veterans – This is the easy way out because they send me donation bags in the mail and pick up curbside at my house on designated days. But I have reservations about this “charity.” I’m not convinced that the money goes to what they want you to think it goes to. I’ve never taken the time to research it so I only use this option when I’m feeling especially lazy and have items that I want out of the house NOW.

Catholic Charities – About 15 minutes from me is a thrift store run by Catholic Charities and this is the option I feel best about. Like Goodwill, they also have a drive-up donation drop-off, but only on Fridays, so I have to be organzied to use this option. This is where my decluttering items from the last week are going.

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