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Saving Money on Prescriptions with Coupons, eBay

July 2, 2006

On a recent visit to my doctor, he prescribed a medication for me to take as needed. When I first had it filled I had a coupon for a $10 Target gift card for a new or transferred prescription so of course I had it filled at Target. The medication that was prescribed comes in a generic form so it only cost me between $7-8 dollars. That was a great deal, I thought. Target was paying me to have my prescription filled there.

Fast forward to today and it’s time for me to get a refill. I have none of those coupons for new or transferred prescriptions on hand so I did a Google search and up popped several results on eBay. I already buy my dog food coupons off eBay so I knew how easy it could be.

My prescription is running low so I didn’t have a lot of time for bidding and waiting for auctions to end. Luckily, quite a few auctions had “buy it now” options so I snapped up a coupon for a $25 CVS gift card with a new or transferred prescription. It cost me $2 with free shipping.

After I finished paying for that I called a CVS store near me to ask them how to transfer the Target prescription to them. The pharmacy tech who answered the phone took down the info she needed (all of which was on the pill bottle I was holding) and asked me when I wanted to pick it up. It took a total of about two minutes.

So once my coupon arrives (the eBay seller offers same day shipping) I’ll head up to CVS to pick up the prescription and, like Target, CVS will pay me to have it filled there.

Obviously this strategy doesn’t work if you need to have something filled right away, like I did when my daughter had strep throat. For those cases I always clip these coupons when I see them in the Sunday ads and hope that I have one on hand when something comes up.

And for the 1 or 2 prescriptions we take on a daily basis I find it more convenient and less expensive to have those filled through our insurance company’s mail order pharmacy option.

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