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Making My Money Count

July 1, 2006

For the past several months I’ve been on the lookout for little, simple ways I could make some extra money. Most of that money went right into our checking account and got lost amongst the other funds.

I decided, however, that I wanted that money to count for something, so I totalled up what I had made and applied it to my credit card balance. The amount wasn’t large, but it made me feel good to know exactly where it went and that it didn’t just get spent on groceries or gas.

Here’s what I came up with when I tallied:

$25 bonus for opening my ING account
$20 in bonuses for “referring” my kids to ING where they opened their accounts
$50 bonus for opening up a new checking account
$20 bonus for trying Unwired Buyer
$10 in referral bonuses for Unwired Buyer

The total that I sent to my credit card company was $125.

Here are some other things I’ve earned that I didn’t include in the total:

$50 bonuses for opening my kids’ ING accounts (I left those amounts in their accounts.)
$115 in Sharebuilder bonuses (We used those amounts to buy shares of stock.)

Currently I’m waiting on $25.10 in Instant Profitz rebates to be issued and a $20 Ebate for Sharebuilder to be credited. When they are, I’ll send those amounts, as well as any money I earn blogging or through future offers to my credit card as well.

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