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A Financial Do-It-Yourselfer

June 20, 2006

When someone mentions a do-it-yourselfer I tend to think of those folks on HGTV who pave their own driveways or re-tile their kitchens. No doubt those people save a lot of money and add a lot of value to their homes. And while I like to watch those shows, I definitely don’t fall into that category.

I am, however, what I call a financial do-it-yourselfer. I like to research and am not afraid of a spreadsheet or 10 key. Looking back over that last five years or so, here are the ways I’ve done my own version of heavy lifting:

  • When we were ready to sell our house five years ago, we decided to go the “For Sale by Owner” route. By following the marketing suggestions I found in a downloadable e-book, our house was sold in six days. The title company walked us through the rest. We also bought our new house by owner.
  • By husband runs a small, incorporated business. While the returns are too complex to tackle myself, I do the monthly accounting and payroll, including filing the payroll tax returns. At tax time I make sure the information I give our accountant is as complete as possible, which saves on accounting fees.
  • At the moment we’re more focused on debt reduction than investing, but the investments that we do have for retirement are in no-load mutual funds that we contribute to directly. As we have more money to invest I anticipate dedicating more time to researching investments.

I may not be very handy with a hammer, but I like looking for other ways I can contribute to the bottom line!

  1. There is a new step by step manual just published to help the for sale by owner.
    It’s written by a guy that I’ve sold two homes through. He’s retiring and he sent me a copy when I contacted him about selling again.
    I know, I got it for free (not really as Iv’e paid out over $38,000 in commissions!) but, it’s dynamite. The only difference between listing with him and following the steps is his contacts, but for another $22,000 this time, I can do without that. It even comes with special software to track the escrow and closing with reminders as to when and what to do.
    Check it out at his site FSBO.He even lets you read the first chapter for free AND gives a money back guarantee.

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