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Spent $5.26 to save $25

April 27, 2006

Inspired by this post on Make Love Not Debt, I decided to try purchasing coupons for dog food on eBay. We have two dogs who both eat Purina’s Pro Plan dog food and at $8-$10/bag it’s not inexpensive. I was able to bid on and win 5 manufaturer’s coupons from Pro Plan worth $5 each. I paid $5.26 including shipping for all of them and received them in just a few days.

The expiration is 6/30/07 so we will have plenty of time to use them; in fact I plan to bid on more. If I use one of my new coupon strategies and combine them with a sale I will have cut my dog food expense considerably.

Despite the fact that I have bought and sold extensively on eBay, I never knew about the ability to buy coupons. This opens up a whole new world of savings ideas. Gift cards from stores (including Petsmart) are also sold at a discount, which is another savings possibility.

Thanks to Make Love Not Debt for the idea, and to calgirlfinance for passing it along and putting her own spin on it!

  1. I’ve bought coupons on eBay. It’s a lot of fun! Sometimes I even get the packets of multiple coupons if they are cheap enough. It’s fun to hunt through them for ones I like, and I always come out way ahead of the game.

  2. Be careful with purchasing gift cards on ebay. Many of those listings are scams. Basically I record the gift card numbers and sell them to you on ebay. Then I wait until you leave a positive feedback for me and use the recorded numbers online for products. I would then get your money and get to use the gift card for products in the store. Nice blog and good luck!

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