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Another $65 in 15 minutes

April 12, 2006

Personal finance bloggers have some crazy/igenious ways of making money online. Two of my favorite blogs for ideas on this topic are My Money Blog and The Money Dummy.

A lot of ideas I’ve encountered from personal finance bloggers center around the use of credit cards, which I’m not comfortable with, and things like taking surveys, which I found mind-numbing and too little reward for the time. I have, however, made good use of the signup and referral bonuses that online banks are offering. And today I entered the world of brokerage bonuses with the Sharebuilder offer that Jonathan at My Money Blog describes here.

I won’t go into a lot of details about the offer because Jonathan does that much better than I ever could. I will say the I’m a Costco member so I was able to get the $65 bonus and I opted to invest $50 in a stock, which Jonathan also explains well. That means that after my $4 trade fee, I’ll pull out about $11 in cash and I’ll have a fun stock to watch. As soon as my husband comes home with his Costco card I’ll see if I can’t do the same for him.

The entire process was fast and painless but if you’re considering doing the same, make sure you read the comments that follow Jonathan’s post as they serve as kind of a FAQ section.

  1. There are ways around that. You know, you can still take advantage of the get paid to sites…by using a reloadable credit card! That way, you can take advantage o the offers and make some quick money. even with the fee you pay, if you follow moneydummy’s spreadsheets…you’ll make a nice profit!

    I know, because I was already doing this. I make money online with different sites writing, answering questions and signing up for trial offers!

    Good luck!

    Getting Out Of Debt!!!

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