Paying for College

How a Real-Life Family CEO is Putting Her Six(!) Kids Through College Without Debt

By on December 11, 2018

I was flipping through the latest Money magazine recently when a headline caught my eye: This Middle-Class Mom Will Be Paying Four College Tuitions Next Year—And She’s Refusing to Borrow Money. Here’s How She’s Doing It. Even though we’re done paying college tuition around here, I was intrigued enough to keep reading. When I did, […]

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About the Blog | Kids and Money

A Family CEO Life Update

By on May 12, 2018

Things are in transition at our house again. Next week our son Grant graduates from St. Louis University and he’s moving to New York City, where he’ll start his new job in public relations on June 4. It seems like last month – no last week – that I wrote this post about his college orientation. […]

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The Rest

By on December 6, 2017

Tips for Families to Save Money When you have a family, you know that at least having some funds put aside for an emergency is very important. There are a number of ways to save some money so that you do not have to worry about one unexpected event completely wiping out the money you […]

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Found Money

Found Money Report for April

By on May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope this post finds you relaxing with family and friends. This is one of my regular Found Money Reports, this time covering the month of April, 2017. You can find more info on what Found Money is and how I use it here. The job we’ve given our Found Money […]

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The Rest

Simplify for Spring With the Whole Family

By on April 21, 2017

Sometimes it seems as if simplify is the buzzword du jour. Books on the subject can be found all over e-book retailers and in bookstores. Television talk shows expound upon the topic while interviewing experts on the subject. We’re all inundated with the notion that if we just get rid of the majority of our […]

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Saving & Investing

My Investing To-Do List

By on March 31, 2017

One of the benefits of writing a personal finance blog is that it keeps you focused. Since I returned to The Family CEO earlier this month I’ve had personal finance on the brain in a way I haven’t for a while, and one of the things that has come from it is this to-do list. These […]

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