The Hidden Costs of Funerals

by Julie March 2, 2015

The following is a guest post. Planning for your funeral or anyone else’s is a saddening time. The truth is though, with funeral costs over $6,000, you need to accurately plan for it now. This includes having accurate coverage via life insurance and burial insurance. Funerals are not cut and dry. There are many costs incurred […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

by Julie February 20, 2015

It is worth taking time to find out about your credit score and to boost it if you can, because it no longer affects only whether or not you can take out a mortgage, a loan or a credit card, but also mobile phone contracts, bank accounts, car insurance and more besides. Unfortunately, there are […]

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How Not to Burden Your Family When You Pass Away

by Julie February 12, 2015

Nobody wants to burden their family when they pass on. They know their family will be grieving and unable to think clearly. You can, however, take some of the stress off your family if you take that time to plan things through. This includes setting up your will, obtaining the proper insurance, and planning for […]

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What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

by Julie February 6, 2015

The following is a guest post. Entrepreneurs have changed the world we live in. Their groundbreaking ideas have changed the way we travel, listen to music and do our shopping. Without these incredibly creative people, the world would be a much different place than it is today. Richard Branson started Virgin as a mail order […]

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8 Ways Your Business Can Give Back

by Julie January 8, 2015

The following is a guest post. The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the giving has to stop. In fact, it’s a good idea to make philanthropy a habit throughout the year, especially when your employees aren’t doing it regularly already. By making it a routine part of their work life, you’ll encourage their […]

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How to Dig Yourself Out of That Deep Financial Hole

by Julie December 4, 2014

The following is a guest post. Are you currently in a financial bind? Don’t know where to turn for your next dollar? This can definitely be a scary place to be in, but don’t fret just quite yet. There are likely many options for you to find your money at this point. Let’s dig into […]

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Build Your Family’s Future With Responsible Credit Card Debt

by Julie December 2, 2014

The following is a post by Sam Peters. In our contemporary financial environment, family financing is a major concern. Remaining fiscally secure is of utmost importance. Ensuring financial security can be difficult and credit debt can be a very big obstacle. But credit cards are not always terrible things to be avoided at all costs. Actually, credit cards can be […]

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Tips for the Non-Handyman

by Julie October 30, 2014

The following is a guest post. There are plenty of handy guys out there. They walk around town with confidence because they know that they would be described as a manly man and can fix anything that comes their way. Unfortunately, you are not the traditional manly man, but that’s ok! There are plenty of […]

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Is the Stock Market on the Edge of Collapse?

by Julie August 24, 2014

The following is a guest post. The Web has been buzzing about an imminent stock market collapse, and conspiracy theorists aren’t the only ones spouting the rhetoric. Leading thinkers like Robert Reich, Stanford University professor and former Secretary of Labor, and Robert Buckland, Citigroup’s chief global stock strategist, have both speculated that volatile times are […]

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Three Things To Consider When Relocating Your Business

by Julie August 24, 2014

The following is a post by Sam Peters. When is the last time you packed up your family and moved? The thing about moving is that it is an equal hassle moving across town or across country. You still have to go through all the same things. You do the same amount of packing, the […]

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