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2006 Through Today: A Family CEO Timeline

November 7, 2013

When I started The Family CEO back in 2006 I was focused on slashing expenses, making extra money, and paying off our debt. Since then we’ve paid off almost all debt (we have one mortgage and one unexpected car loan left), and have turned our attention to adding to our savings (both emergency and retirement) and paying for college.

So, with all that in mind, and because we have a new influx of readers courtesy of the Homemade Living Frugally Facebook page (thank you, Suzanne!), I thought now would be a good time to take a look back through the Family CEO archives and highlight some of those posts here.

While preparing this post I was surprised to see that there have been 487(!) posts at The Family CEO since its beginning. Here are just a few of them put together in a timeline of sorts. There’s a link to each blog post and a little blurb from each too.


Welcome! – The first post at The Family CEO on March, 21, 2006.

I am an avid reader of blogs and personal finance blogs are my favorite. I have discovered, however, that not many are written by people like me (namely 40 something, stay at home moms) so I have decided to add my voice to the mix.

Hiring Myself (March, 2006) The second post.

I’ve decided to become even more conscious of ways and I can save and ways I can earn. I think of it as hiring myself as my family’s “Chief Economist.”

Spent $5.26 to save $25 (April, 2006)

Despite the fact that I have bought and sold extensively on eBay, I never knew about the ability to buy coupons.

It’s Deductible (September, 2006)

I found that I was greatly undervaluing my donations. My accountant tells me that is common.

Making My Money Count (July, 2006)

I decided, however, that I wanted that money to count for something, so I totalled up what I had made and applied it to my credit card balance.


Millionaire Women Next Door and Running the Family Office (February, 2007)

Stanley profiles three women who have focused their efforts on running their households like businesses.

25 Things I Do to Save Money (April, 2007) I did a quick tally and I’m still doing about 20 of the 25 things on the list.

7. Combine errands and plan my route carefully to save money on gas.


The Price Book (May, 2008)

But how do you know if a sale is a good one? How do you know if a generic would be cheaper or maybe a warehouse club price? The simple answer? Create and use a price book.

Cheap Gym Memberships (May, 2008)

The cost? A family membership to the community center is $280/year. A year! That’s a little over half of what my husband was paying for a single membership at his old gym.

Tips for Craigslist Buyers (July, 2008)

I received three responses to my ad about the chairs. The first was an offer to buy two of the six chairs. The second email read simply, ‘are the chairs still available?’. The third response said this…


Save Big Money by Doing Your Christmas Shopping Online (September, 2009)

But there’s something else to make online Christmas shopping even more appealing – online cash back or rebate sites. Just a few extra clicks of the mouse will allow you to earn rebates of up to 25% on all your online Christmas shopping.

Making Money on Amazon and Craigslist (November, 2009)

I had some books to sell, so I listed them on Amazon. So far I’ve netted about $80 selling five books and one game on Amazon.


Debt Snowflakes: Or How I Made $821.73 in Extra Credit Card Payments This Month (October, 2010)

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to throw $821.73 at our credit card debt and all of it has been small amounts of “found” money. Here is how it breaks down…

Sell Empty Ink Cartridges on eBay: My Experience and Some Tips (November, 2010)

After some very basic research using an eBay completed listings search, I snapped a quick picture, put them up in an auction format, and added a $24.99 buy it now option. They sold later the same day! I couldn’t be more pleased.


How to Send Your Child to College Without Student Loans (April, 2011)

We managed to put a little bit of money in a 529 account over the years (while paying for braces and dance costumes) but it wasn’t nearly enough. In addition, the stock market tanked just when we were about to need it.

Investing in Dividend Stocks: My First Baby Steps (August, 2011)

I like the idea of stocks that pay dividends because – along with the growth of the stock itself – the dividends create a stream of income. That income stream can be reinvested to buy more of the stock, or – during retirement for instance – pulled out to live on.

The Family CEO Now at U.S. News & World Report (August, 2011)

I’m excited to announce that my daughter, Lindsey, and I are co-authoring a blog on the U.S. News & World Report site. The blog — Twice the College Advice — can be found in the Education section of the site. We’re approaching the college experience from two different perspectives: parent and student.

Our Debt Story Part 1: Where Did Our Debt Come From? and Our Debt Story Part 2: Getting Serious About Debt (September, 2011)

The more we paid off debt, the more money we had each month. And the more money we had each month, the more we paid off debt. I know that seems obvious, but experiencing it is really kind of cool.

1099 Words on Paying Cash for a Car (October, 2011)

But the experience of saving up and paying cash for a car was a new one. And it’s the second biggest financial win we’ve had since I started this blog.


Money in Your 40′s: Becoming Intentional (March, 2012)

Here’s what I mean by intentional spending: cutting back on what’s less important to us so we can afford what’s more important to us.

Our Debt Story: An Update (March, 2012)

I am so excited, happy, and proud to say that since October of 2010 — 17 months ago — we’ve paid off $49,613 in debt. That doesn’t include the amounts we’ve paid toward mortgage debt. We have $9,685 to go.

Adventures in Thrifting: Spring Edition (June, 2012)

It’s hard to decide what I like best about thrifting. The savings? Check. The thrill of the hunt? Definitely. Finding unique items? I’m hooked.

Dividend Investing: One Year Later (August, 2012)

I’m still really in love with the idea of this kind of investing for it’s “rental income” properties.

Using the Found Money Method in a Small Business (November, 2012)

When we were in debt repayment mode, I used to use those small influxes of money as extra debt payments. But when we moved beyond that phase, I decided to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: set up a savings account for the business.


How to Pay for College and Save for Retirement at the Same Time (February, 2013)

So, assuming you want to pay for your kids to go to college, and don’t already have all the expenses saved up. And assuming also, that you want to save aggressively for retirement, how exactly will those two things work together?

What Does College Cost? One Family’s First Three Years of Expenses and How We’re Paying Cash for College. (May, 2013)

We set an ambitious goal of paying for college without debt, despite the fact that we had very little saved for college going in. Here are the things that have helped us do that so far…

How I Make Money Blogging: A Q&A (August, 2013)

If making money quickly is something you’re interested in, you’d definitely be better off going another route. But if blogging is something you enjoy and you’d like to put some time in building something that will someday be a source of revenue for you, it can be a great experience

Today Show Appearance (August, 2013)

The whole thing came about very quickly and was quite an adventure. When they told us there would be a car waiting for us at the airport, we knew this wasn’t going to be your average trip.

Introducing: Creating This Life (September, 2013)

I’ve long wanted a place where I could explore the more creative side of life.

Thank you to all of you who have been readers and supporters over the years and hello to any new followers reading this. I’m so happy to have you all here.

  1. So cool to see your journey as a financial blogger since 2006. We have only been blogging for about 7 months, so it is great to learn from someone like yourself. What is one of the things you have enjoyed most about running a blog for that length of time?

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