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Reader Email: Swagbucks and Found Money Success

December 3, 2012

I wanted to share with you all a comment from a reader named Amanda. Amanda commented on a recent Swagbucks post. She wrote:

I love Swagbucks! My goal is $50 each month from it, and $50 from an app I use. I run Swagbucks TV in the background on my
computer and get a lot of mileage from that, plus surveys and special offers. It’s easy and it’s mostly paid for Christmas this year, new stuff we needed when we bought our new house, and, my favorite, my robot floor cleaner!

I loved Amanda’s comment because she has found two great sources of found money (Swagbucks and an app called App Trailers) and given them jobs to do. In this case, paying for Christmas and for new house expenses.

Thanks for sharing, Amanda.

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