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Weekend Reading: Post Election Edition

November 9, 2012

We’re political junkies at our house, but even we are relieved that the election is over.

It feels a little like turning the page, like we do on January 1 or the first day of school.

But while the election is over, the issues involved are still with us. One issue you’re probably hearing a lot about the fiscal cliff.

What the heck is a Fiscal Cliff?

Kali Geldis has written a post at the blog that lays out the information in an easy-to-understand manner. She explains what the fiscal cliff means to you personally and what happens if we “jump off” it.

You can read Kali’s post here: The 5 Things You Must Know to Understand the Fiscal Cliff.

Turning the Bucket List Upside Down

Having a bucket list stresses me out. I’ve started one more than once, but it always ends up feeling like a really, really big to-do list.

Nora Dunn has an interesting take on the idea, however. It’s called a reverse bucket list, and she says it will help you “celebrate successes to date and create context for your future.”

Now that’s more like it. Read more about her idea here.

Should Your Teen Work?

If you have a teen, or soon will, you’re probably giving some thought to if, when, and how much they should work. Melissa Batai has written a great food for thought post at Free From Broke called Is a Part-Time Job in High School Really the Best Use of Your Teen’s Time?

My kids have both worked part-time in high school, although mostly in the summers, but I still find a lot to agree with in Melissa’s post.

Pottery Barn Love

I’ve made a couple of trips to Pottery Barn lately and I honestly could live at that store. I love the furniture, the displays, even the music they play. In short, the whole vibe.

So when I heard PB had a new blog, I couldn’t wait to check it out. Their categories are Design Love, Get Inspired, Show & Tell, and Tips & Tricks. Sounds cool, huh? It’s not quite as good as being at the store, but since the employees won’t let me hang out there for days on end, it will have to do.

Speaking of Pottery Barn…

Jami from An Oregon Cottage uses PB and other catalogs as inspiration for styling her home. And she does it all on a budget.

Here are the kinds of results she gets:

She breaks down just how she does it in her post Copy Catalog Shelf Styling with Thrifted Items.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with a progress report on the kitchen remodel.

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