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Easy Napkin Folding Tutorial

September 21, 2012

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Pretty napkins can make a table. But napkin rings can be expensive and have to be stored. I have a couple of sets, but I rarely use them, because this napkin folding technique is so easy. It also adds a little height and three dimensional-ness (so not a word) to the table. I actually prefer it to the look of napkins in rings.

First a quick note: This technique is meant to be used with square napkins, but as you’ll see, I use it with rectangular napkins as well. The points don’t match up neatly, but the end result is pretty much the same.

Here’s the step-by-step:

Start by placing your napkin face side down in front of you.
Fold the lower left corner up to the opposing corner, or in the case of rectangular napkins, as far as it will go.
Turn your napkin so it’s a triangle, with the open end at the top.

Fold the lower right point of the triangle up to meet the top point.
Repeat with the lower left point of the triangle, folding it to meet the top point.
Carefully flip the napkin over towards you, so that the point that was the farthest from you is now closest to you.
Bring the top point of the napkin down to meet the bottom point.
Finally, stand the napkin up by folding it along the center and bringing the two back points of the triangle closer together.

And that’s it.

Please let me know if these instructions work for you. You can give them a try with any piece of fabric you have nearby. I even used them with a kleenex as I was typing out the instructions for this post.

And now it’s your turn: Do you like using cloth napkins? Do you place them under the silverware, on the plate, or in the glass when setting your table?

  1. I am with Barb here, we are too lazy and we are cheapstakes with no napkins. We have a napkin that we use for the kitchen but we don’t have the place setting for our dining table. But it is always good to know how to do these things just not to embarrass myself in front of the people who do have the class to cloth napkins :)

  2. I needed this the other night! My step-mother came and stayed with us for the weekend and when I went to place the “nice” fabric napkins on the table, I had no clue how to make them look nice. They ended up looking quite pitiful, actually. Thanks for this!

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