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Weekend Eye Candy: House Stalking on Vacation

August 17, 2012

I like to house stalk on vacation.

As much as I enjoy the tourist attractions of wherever we visit, it’s the homes that attract me most. And since I usually have my camera in hand I’ve gotten pretty good at sneaking quick shots of some of the beautiful houses we see.

Here are some of my favorites:

These three pics I took from my car while driving around Naperville, IL last fall. I probably looked like a crazy woman but I didn’t care.

Check out the stone…

…and the shutters…

…and the porches.

I loved the afternoon I spent in Naperville.

Here’s a Boston Beacon Street Brownstone. Say that three times fast. With a Boston accent.

Even where the firemen live in Boston is amazing.

This might be the fastest you’re ever going to travel from the East Coast to the West. I spied this house at the top of a hill while in San Francisco this summer.

And now across the pond. Our family got to visit my sister and her husband one Christmas while they were living in Schwieberdingen, Germany. The houses there had a storybook, gingerbread feel to them.

I think it’s the wonderful roofs.

We also took a sidetrip to Rome, where I saw this apartment balcony near the Spanish Steps.

How’d you like to be able to answer the “where do you live” question with, “In an apartment. In Rome. Overlooking the Spanish Steps. Second door on the left, you can’t miss it.”

No place rivals Savannah for homes oozing with charm.

This was the entrance to a basement apartment. Savannah gives basement apartments a good name, don’t you think?

And I just noticed when loading these pictures, that this house had a for sale sign in the yard. I can’t believe I missed my chance!

And this is nothing short of perfection, from the tree, to the flag and the flowerboxes and the shutters and the iron railings.

Do you like to house stalk on vacation? (I like to think I’m not alone.) Where is your favorite place for homes?

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