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Weekend Reading: Simplifying Edition

July 27, 2012

Summer has not been kind to our home.

Travel, busy schedules and kids home from college, then away again, then back home again, have translated into a lot of dumping of stuff and ignored housework.

That’s one reason that this article from Time Magazine’s Moneyland caught my eye: Got Stuff? Typical American Home Is Cluttered with Possessions — and Stressing Us Out

Check out this quote in the article from anthropological archaeologist Anthony P. Graesch:

“It’s difficult to find time to sort, organize and manage these possessions. Thus, our excess becomes a visible sign of unaccomplished work that constantly challenges our deeply engrained notions of tidy homes and elicits substantial stress.”

Can you relate?

If so, read on for some great simplifying and organizing ideas from around the web:

  • Cyndy at The Creativity Exchange transformed her junk closet with storage cubes. You’ll find her post and photos particularly helpful if you have decorating stuff, like candles, picture frames, and pillows, that are hard to organize.

  • Julie Blanner at Coordinately Yours turned a closet into a mudroom. I LOVE this makeover. And not just because she’s another Kansas City blogger named Julie. :)
  • Last December I shared on Facebook that I was using an old comforter bag to store Christmas garland and you all weighed in with what you used comforter bags for. If you get excited about those see-through, zippered bags that almost seem like a gift with purchase, check out Wisebread’s list of 8 ways to reuse a comforter bag.

Has summer taken a toll on your house? Do you have a great use for old comforter bags? Let’s meet in the comments and let’s talk about it.

  1. My possessions are definitely stressing me out. The funny thing is, I haven’t really purchased any of them. Sometimes I feel like opening my door and putting a giant “SALE: anything you want!” sign on the lawn. Thanks for the great organization links! I am particularly fond of comforter bags myself!

    1. Wayne, things have a way of finding us, even if we’re not out looking for them, huh? Hope the links are helpful to you!

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