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Scenes from an Art Fair

June 8, 2012

After my recent post on the raised bed school garden, and now this post, it must seem I go to art fairs all the time.

Actually, the fair my husband and I went to last weekend — with two of our good friends — was only my third art fair ever. But these things are so enjoyable, I know it won’t be our last.

I only got a few pics, because I was so busy chatting and browsing and margarita drinking and even art buying.

This was the Prairie Village Art Fair. Prairie Village is a charming little suburban city on the Kansas side of the state line. (The Kansas City area is partly on the Kansas side, partly on the Missouri side. We have a major road running right down the middle called – surprise! – State Line Road.)

Here’s a peek at the neighborhood. It’s full of huge trees and Cape Cod style homes.

The weather was per-fect and people were in a great mood, as they usually are at these things.

Here are our handsome guys coming back from a beer run, which makes them happy. I know they don’t look happy, but that’s only because they are so desperate to get back to us. Ha!

Even the babies were happy. And the dogs.

And I was happy because I picked up this small print from artist Stephen Perry.

Stephen is a print maker and he explained to us the process behind his art, which is amazing.

This is a scene from the east side of the Kansas Flint Hills. Bet you didn’t think Kansas had hills, did you? We do, and they’re beautiful. In fact, attending this event is on my life/bucket list.

And that concludes your Kansas/Kansas City geography lesson.

Do you have a community fair or festival that you like attending? Maybe this weekend even? 

This post is part of Finer Things Friday.

  1. Looks great! We have a weekly arts market in our city that started a few years ago. It is such a treat- besides great art, it has fresh produce, bread & pastries, & performances. We go whenever we can.

  2. I just found your blog from Carla’s blogroll. You must be pretty close to me. I live close to Lawrence, but it sounds like you are on the MO side of KC. You are giving me a list of places to go and things to do. :)

    1. Hi, Jessie. I’m actually in Overland Park on the Kansas side. I have a daughter at KU so I’m in Lawrence all the time. Thanks for popping over from Carla’s blog!

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