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A New Kiva Loan and a $25 Free Trial

June 4, 2012

Kiva is an organization that alleviate poverty around the world through the use of micro loans. I’ve written about my experience with them before here and here. In short, they’re a great organization that I’m happy to be involved with.

Recently I got an email that some of my loans had been repaid and I had money in my account to loan out.

Rough Shore Group

I was taken with the story of this group of women in Mexico. From the Kiva website:

This group is called the ‘Rough Shore’ it is made up of seven hardworking people originally from the city of Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca where the majority of the indigenous people speak the Mixteco language.

One of the members of this group is Mrs. Clemencia (2nd from left in the picture). She is 58 years old and is characterized for being a hardworking and humble woman. She sells Mexican treats during the night as well as refreshments, fresh and roasted fish. She has had her business for some twenty years and what she enjoys most is making her tortillas by hand. Mrs. Clemencia says that she began her business selling atoles (a corn starch drink), tamales and fresh juice in her home and later decided to sell Mexican treats with refreshments. She says that as time passed and her earnings increased she bought natural medicines to sell to her neighbors, family and friends. Mrs. Clemencia says that with the help from Vision Fund she will be able to buy more natural medicines to sell. She is grateful to Kiva and Vision Fund for helping the Mixteca people.

I absolutely love that.

Recently Kiva committed to helping 15,000 other people get started in the organization by offering $25 free trials. Currently, there are 2000 free trials remaining. You can claim yours and give Kiva a try by visiting this link: Kiva free trial.

Once you’re a member, you can choose who to make your micro loan to by narrowing the choices by sex, country, sector (area of business), group/individual. Or you can have Kiva choose your loan for you.

Kiva helps $25 go a long way.

Have you had experience with Kiva or another micro lending organization? 

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