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A Father’s Day Table Using Thrift Finds

June 19, 2012

I combined several of my recent thrift finds to create the most laid-back Father’s Day table ever.

I earmarked these oval restaurant plates and napkins for Father’s Day as soon as I saw them.

I thought the plates would look best on rectangle placemats to mimic their long, narrow shape, but I didn’t have any placemats in the right color. I used some round, wicker chargers I had and they worked fine.

Trader Joe’s had hydrangeas with just a little blue left in them.

I remembered Ashli @ Mini Manor’s post about using a vase with a wide base to easily angle flower stems, so I used the base of this recently thrifted, lidded glass jar on the left and it worked like a charm. Thank you, Ashli!.

I like pretty tables, but I don’t taking a lot of time to put them together. Having to fuss over a table stresses me out and defeats the relaxed, comfortable entertaining vibe I’m going for.

I’ve found that white dishes, clear glass, and a single kind of flower make putting together a relaxed, pretty table easy almost every time.

And since we’re talking about Father’s Day. Here are the two goofy kids who are lucky to have my husband for a Dad.

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day. How did you celebrate?

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  1. My son and his fiance came over to make brunch for me. They stayed for most of the afternoon where we shared stories and other fun conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

    1. I’m sure he loved the cards, Elaine, glitter and all. How sweet that’s he’s helping you in the bedroom. Are you redecorating?

  2. Your table looks lovely. I love your dark dining chairs. Yes, we celebrated Father’s day by cooking mu hubby’s favourite dishes. But the best was a surprise visit by my son on the day which really made his day.

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