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A Raised Bed Garden in the City

May 8, 2012

Centsational Girl is having a “Look What I Planted” party and I’m cheating just a bit. Because this post isn’t about what I planted, but what school children planted instead.

My husband and I stumbled on this charming garden of raised beds while in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City last weekend.

The plants were all spring varieties, like peas, herbs, and this lettuce.

I checked the website of the school and discovered that the kids did, indeed, do the planting.

Some of the beds were empty and I’m wondering if they’ll contain summer veggies later in the season.

 I loved this bed of herbs.

We discovered the garden because it was right next to an art fair we were at, the Brookside Art Fair.

The Brookside Art Fair is held every Spring but this was our first time attending. I loved the neighborhood feel of it.

There were food stands, music, and lots of kids and dogs, which made it especially fun.

But the highlight for me was this unexpected garden in the middle of the city.

 I love the look of raised beds, do you? Have you ever gardened with them?

    1. Pam, I’m glad to hear that raised beds are easier, in addition to looking great. I’ll bet your garden looks wonderful!

  1. What a great use of a big, ugly parking lot! Yes, we have raised beds and I love them. They’re great for growing veggies and you don’t have to bend over quite as far! :)

  2. Those are some well made beds. The high sides are good for public display. Just to be the critical one, the herb bed could use a little more mulch. My guess is that being a remote garden, it doesn’t get as much attention as a one right in someone’s immediate zone.

    @Sara @Pam —- pleased to see other PF Gardeners…

  3. I really want to do a raised garden in my backyard next year. This year is “The Year of the Baby,” but next year I think I can budget for at least one of these types of raised beds for my favorite veggies.

  4. I love the look of raised beds, they seem much more organized! I think it’s terrific that a school is supporting gardening through something like this. Many times I ride near a school with a pitifully neglected garden area. It takes work and dedication to have a nice and useful garden.

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